Entrepreneurs Overseas

In exotic, welcoming, warm-weather destinations all over the world—from Colombia to Korea—you can live better for less. But, alas, you can’t live for free.

Many retirees fund their lives overseas through savings, Social Security, and pensions. But those aren’t your only options. In this golden age of the portable career, we know readers cashing in with freelance work from every corner of the planet.

But earning from a laptop doesn’t suit everybody. And that’s just fine.

Because many expats report that—once you have boots on the ground in a new place—it’s easy to spot money-making opportunities. Bookstores, cafes, fitness centers, tour-guiding, teaching English…the list goes on.

In the States, start-up costs, taxes, and stiff competition can create a prohibitive hurdle for would-be business owners. But overseas, as the “accidental entrepreneurs” we profile in the current issue of International Living magazine report, such obstacles are fewer. As one successful expat in Ecuador put it, “In the U.S., you cannot do what I have done…you’d have too much debt to worry about.”

In places where the cost of living is lower, it’s less expensive to start and maintain a business. As Seattle-native Kat Bennett, owner of Allende Books in La Paz, Mexico, says of her beachside shop, “It hasn’t been a get-rich-quick scheme, but we make ends meet…enjoy a lifestyle in paradise…and we love our store.”

Restaurant and gym owner Kevin Sheehy in Quito echoes that sentiment when he says, “In the States, if you’re making $2,000 a month, you’re struggling to survive. Here, you can live like a king.”

Every entrepreneur we spoke with for this month’s focus on funding your life overseas said something similar. Ultimately, they appreciate most the freedom to earn…without the frenetic, life-consuming pace a business back home demands.

As accidental entrepreneurs overseas, they’re turning their interests into income and funding lives in paradise that look exactly the way they want them to look.

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