Even My Kid Can Make Money This Way

My youngest son is 13 years old and he did it.

He imported computer cases and sold them to a retail computer business. Now he’s selling the cases on Amazon too. The coolest thing about it is the mischievous smile on his face. He’s proud of himself. His business is super small but it’s profitable. He imports some cases for as low as $45 each, and resells them for $75-$195.

There’s a basic concept in business of buying low and selling high. But, not every product you buy will sell like wildfire, especially when it comes to selling things online. The key is to understand the actual demand.

For example, backup power banks for phones are a hot item right now, and in demand. These are the small battery chargers you can carry in your pocket or purse that give your cell phone or iPad an instant charge on the go without needing a power cord or wall outlet.

They currently sell for about $15 online. If you can buy these products at a deep discount, say $6, you can make money. It’s basic math to calculate your profit after costs like listing fees, shipping, and a box.

Let’s do the math. If you import 20 backup power banks for $6 each ($120), and you sold them for $15 each, that would be gross revenue of $300. Imagine what would happen when you “ramp up” your little venture.

I know entrepreneurs that run “buy low, sell high” web-based businesses like this from smart phones.

I was skeptical until one of them, Jenny, showed me how it’s done. She browsed, ordered, imported, and posted a product for sale on eBay from her smart phone.

Granted, running your business from a laptop or tablet is probably more practical. I mean, I can’t type that much on a smartphone.

But these days it’s amazing what you can do when you have access to a Wi-Fi or cell signal, and a personal device like a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

If you manage your time wisely, obtain products at nice discounts and focus on high-demand products, you can be successful too.

And cash shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve made it my life mission to start businesses on a shoestring! You can get up and running in this business for $100.

I have developed a step-by-step program to teach people about this incredible opportunity and market. But more important, I offer my coaching as part of the program. Your success is almost guaranteed.

I’ll even walk you through your first deal with a modest investment of just $50.

I’ll also show you several “insider” websites that assist small entrepreneurs like you and I.

If you start small and build big, I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

I’m not one for starting businesses that take years to break even. I like to focus on the first sale and profit or I move on. This market opportunity is a good fit for people like me…and maybe you.

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