Fast Track Panama 2024

February 16-18 2024, Panama

Join us and discover everything you need to know to decide if Panama is your ideal retirement or relocation destination… Come away with the knowledge and expert contacts you need to make your move happen with confidence.

Fast Track Panama 2024

Don’t put off your dreams of a better, less stressful (and lower cost) life any longer… 

Type “best place to retire overseas” into any search engine and Panama leaps off the page. It makes the top 3 in pretty much every listing—including our own International Living Global Retirement Index. 

What makes Panama so great? 

Its blend of first-world luxury with Latin American charm means Panama is a fascinating country with so much to offer... 

  • Easy to get to—You can fly direct from Panama to almost anywhere in the continental U.S. in 3-6 hours. 
  • You’ll feel at home—No matter where you go you’ll have high-speed Internet…cable TV… cellphone service… drinkable tap water… all the comforts of home—including glitzy shopping malls and an incredible culinary scene that is as good as the U.S. 
  • Easy to get a visa. Hence the huge expat community. An income of just $1,000 a month makes you eligible for residence. 
  • Top-quality healthcare—visit an English-speaking doctor for $20, or a dentist for not much more. Panama’s Punta Pacifica Hospital is affiliated with the renowned Johns Hopkins hospital, with satellites and clinics in hub towns across the country.
  • No income taxes on foreign-earned income—and low, low property tax of just 0.5% of the value of your home. Your property tax will likely a few hundred, rather than thousands of dollars.  
  • Peace of mind—Panama is the safest country in Central America after Costa Rica. It ranks higher on the Global Peace Index than the U.S.! Neighbors look after each other. And no matter where you decide to go in Panama, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly community. 
  • No exchange rate hassles—your U.S. dollar is the official currency. 
  • Business-friendly—setting up a business in Panama is easy, and you’ll find plenty of opportunity. 
  • Values privacy—strong asset protection and privacy laws. 
  • A built-in community of English-speaking locals and expats. Whether you choose cosmopolitan Panama City, a beach enclave, or mountain retreat—you’ll find an established community ready to welcome you. 

While everyone comes to Panama for a different reason, believe me, we’ve got all the bases covered: One of the most common questions we’re asked: “How Does Panama Compare to Costa Rica?” Our seasoned professional experts will deliver the on-target information you need to get the real picture about living in, investing in, or starting a business in Panama. More than 50 experts will be on hand to make sure you get what you need. 

  • See firsthand how little it really costs to live in Panama. Not via some theoretical budget, but by meeting the people who are already doing it and learning their tips and secrets. 
  • Discover the best places to live and buy property. Not from some agent's listing, but by hearing from the International Living experts who have assessed these areas firsthand. 
  • Get in early on emerging real estate markets where opportunities are to be found. Not by listening to salespeople, but by taking advantage of our market analysts' extensive experience. 
  • Learn what it takes to start up a business, from expats who have come to Panama and done it themselves…and done it well. 
  • Find out about Panama banks, corporations, trusts and how you can benefit from the international banking sector. Hear it straight from the professionals who are guiding your fellow expats. 

International Living has been reporting about retirement in Panama longer than anyone else.  

We make sure the expats and experts who speak at our conferences are the real deal—and that the information we share is reliable and up-to-date. 

We’ve collected a rolodex of the most trustworthy, and best-informed professionals—and they’ll all be on hand to offer you their insights and help you successfully streamline your own move to Panama. 

This Fast Track Panama Conference will be the only conference International Living will host in Panama in 2024— your BEST opportunity to discover all this country offers.