Everything You Want to Know About Freelancing (But Were Afraid to Ask)

A post-career career isn’t a new concept for many baby boomers. Rising costs have forced many people to rethink retirement. Today, the idea of taking on a new income—preferably one that offers flexible hours and no set location—is normal.

However, many boomers still don’t know what’s involved in creating a “go anywhere” income from freelancing. And they often don’t even think to ask. If they did, they might be pleasantly surprised by the answers.

So let me answer a few of the most essential questions for you now.

“What skills do I have that would be valuable online?”

The biggest hurdle boomers face is not seeing what is hiding in plain sight. They have the required skills for freelancing but they just don’t know it.

Most people think of themselves in terms of their occupation. They might be an accountant, a teacher, a broker, or a builder. And they’ll identify as such. But, if they break their occupation down into individual skills, they’ll find they have a lot more skills than their job title implied.

For example, a middle manager for an insurance company may—on the surface—have skills that seem very specialized. But break that role down into its individual tasks and you’ll discover tons of transferable skills. For instance, they might write and proofread reports, make PowerPoint presentations, give career advice, or even use spreadsheets to do financial analysis. All of those skills are in demand, whether they are tied to the insurance field or not.

“But don’t I need a university education?”

No. Online freelance buyers are looking for proven skills, talent, and experience.

There is much less emphasis placed on your education than the skills you have honed over the last 30 to 40 years of your career and life in general. It really is your competitive advantage.

Experience trumps education in most online assignments and now, decades after college, the important skills are the ones you’ve cultivated over a lifetime and used most recently.

“How do I find freelance work?”

Over the last 20 years, very sophisticated job and project networks have evolved to help freelancers find work.

Each month hundreds of thousands of jobs are neatly organized and displayed so you can find the ones that fit your skills, knowledge, and wisdom.

Thanks to the internet, these jobs come from all over the world, not just your local community. And all you need to access them is a laptop and internet connection. (You can do this at the beach if you like.)

The volume and quality of opportunity this represents for the new freelancer dwarfs that of days gone by, when beating the pavement or dialing for dollars was the only way to get started.

Today, the ability to quickly develop traction in your freelance business is multiplied many times.

“How long before I can start earning?”

With a commitment of one or two hours a week, you can easily learn the ropes and start earning within months. If you have more time than that to devote to the process, earning can start in as little as a week or two.

Advances is technology have made your skills accessible around the world, your clients easier to find than ever before, and added the bonus that this work can travel with you wherever you go.

What are you waiting for?

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