Expand Your Horizons Overseas

Which is better… having no options to choose from, or having so many that you’re spoiled for choice?

I guess it depends on what you’re talking about. When it comes to breakfast cereal or pancake mix, being overwhelmed with choice doesn’t really improve your quality of life all that much.

But when attendees at our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada learn that they do have a choice…that they can live happier, healthier, more adventurous lives on a fraction of what they’re paying now just to barely scrape by… I can literally see their heads swim.

“I came here thinking I might get maybe one good idea about how to make my pension go further,” one woman told me between seminar sessions. “I mean, the way things are going with the economy and health care right now, anything would help.

“Now here we are halfway through the conference, and I’m already trying to decide where to move… Belize? Panama? Ecuador? Mexico? And I can actually think about what to do with the extra money I’ll have at the end of the month. You spoiled me for choice, and the conference isn’t even over yet!”

When I meet readers at our Fast Track Your Retirement events, I don’t hear this just once or twice. Hundreds of people attend these conferences, and dozens upon dozens of them will tell me that they had no idea there were so many options for living, working, and saving money overseas.

Not only are they introduced to some of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth… conference attendees learn first-hand from people who are doing it themselves that it’s easy to live in these places on far less than they thought possible… without giving up anything significant in quality of life, services, or medical care.

Even people who are already familiar with the concept of living abroad for less tell me that they had no idea there were so many ways to improve their lives and finances…and so many intriguing places to do so.

“I really came to the conference to confirm that Panama was the place I wanted to be,” one man told me. “Now you’ve thrown Uruguay and France into the mix. Not only that… I learned how to make money abroad… even how to make money online doing what I already know how to do. If I can make extra money anywhere there’s an Internet connection… well, how am I going to decide where to go now?”

I can’t really feel bad about confusing our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference attendees with so many options. And I don’t think any of the attendees who complain to me about being overwhelmed by the possibilities are really unhappy about it.

Like I said, when it comes to the quality of your own life, health, and retirement, being spoiled for choice is so much better than having no choice at all.

If you want to join us in Las Vegas in September for the Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference 2012, everything you need to know is here.


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