Who do I contact if I have a problem with my VIP Subscription?

As a VIP member you can contact your private Customer Service Team at the following details:

Platinum Circle Members

Visit us: https://internationalliving.com/customer-service/plc-questions/

Explorer’s Club Members

Visit us: https://internationalliving.com/customer-service/exc-questions/

Publisher’s Roundtable Members

Visit us: https://internationalliving.com/customer-service/rnd-questions/

Real Estate Trend Alert Members

Visit us: https://internationalliving.com/customer-service/ret-questions/

Lifetime Society Members

Visit us: https://internationalliving.com/customer-service/ilm-questions/

Pura Vida Club Members

Visit us: https://internationalliving.com/customer-service/pvc-questions/

Or alternatively as a VIP Member you can call us at our toll free numbers:

Sales and Cancellation Team: 1-855-719-5394 or for International callers dial: 410-864-0833

General Maintenance/Account Inquiries Team: 1-866-845-3052 or for International callers dial: 410-230-1250