Fewer Hours, Less Stress, Great Income…Welcome to Online Freelancing

For as long as I can remember I talked about becoming a writer when I retired, but I wasn’t convinced I was any good. When I was laid off from my banking job, I wasn’t particularly interested in another high-stress job in financial services so I gave writing some serious consideration.

That’s when I got help from Winton Churchill to set myself up as a freelancer.

Within a week or so I got my first client. I wrote a banking review for an investment company. I was so excited. I had written it and been paid for it…and, perhaps most important, the guy liked my writing and offered a very good review.

Now I have an amazing life. I am making almost as much as I was in my financial services job with virtually none of the stress and a lot less hours.

I get to travel about one week a month. I often write when I travel and I love that I can do that. My husband fishes for a few hours in the morning while I write and then we spend the rest of the day exploring the area. This week I am enjoying the mountains as my backdrop while I am still working.

I wish I had had the confidence to do this sooner. Procrastination and fear cost me several years of living the writer’s life.

As a result of the help Winton gave me and that first job, I focused on writing good proposals and getting work in financial services and real estate writing—two subjects I know inside and out. Six months later, I was working full time as a writer.

I could not believe how fast I was able to ramp up. Last month I had a client tell me the web page content that I had written for him went to page one in Google in less than 10 days. Now I have the job of redoing his whole website.

And this was for a political website. I have learned I can write about a lot more than finance and I actually like to add projects on other topics for variety.

I am now able to charge higher fees and really have more work than I know what to do with. My two daughters are stay-at-home moms so I give them $200 to $300 worth of work a week, which helps them to stay home with their babies.

I want to build a website of my own and get better paying jobs. I have discovered that as new projects come along with existing clients, I can raise my fees and still get the work without question. I am earning more each month than I did the last.

When I want to take time off I simply decline assignments or let my regular clients know when I will be unavailable.

Who knew I could make a living writing!

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