Find Bargains at Irish Property Auctions

Among the sloping fields and rush-covered hills of Ireland’s “Drumlin Country” are thousands of lakes—big and small. In good weather, they glitter like jewels, and on wet days shine bogblack.

You can see why the Celts thought of them as gateways to the underworld, although today you’re more likely to see a jet ski or fishing boat than a druid.

On the shores of Lough Sillan in County Cavan, there’s a four-bedroom pinewood lodge with an open-plan living area, a kitchen, sitting room, and bathroom. One of 21 properties in a holiday village, it comes with access to a marina and tennis courts.

Up for auction last November it sold for $172,639. Back in 2005, in the same holiday village, a similar property with only three bedrooms was selling for $388,894. So the successful bidder paid 55% less than he would have six years ago. And for a bigger property.

Three weeks after the auction, I found another of these lakeside properties for sale by owner for $262,051. Of course, a seller can ask whatever price he wants—it doesn’t mean he’ll get it. But it shows where the Irish property market is…and it’s at the auctions.

Whether you’re looking for a country cottage for $150,000, a downtown pad for $130,000, or a place in small-town Ireland for $80,000…for the moment, these “fire sale” auctions are where to go.

See the current issue of International Living magazine for more Irish auction opportunities.

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