Find Your Dream Home in Panama From Just $135,000

Boquete is the premier expat and retiree destination in the highlands of Panama. It’s located in Chiriqui Province in western Panama, on the eastern-facing side of Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest peak (11,400 feet) and only volcano.

One of the reasons that Boquete is so popular is the climate, and many will tell you it’s perfect. The town’s elevation of about 3,500 feet provides fresh weather all year. Daytime temperatures range from 75 F to 85 F and at night it cools to 60 F to 70 F.

You’ll typically find a wide range of properties on offer here, too. As a result of people moving on, there is a good selection of re-sale homes in a wide price range with attractive features in and around Boquete where you can find your own dream home.

Homes in the actual town of Boquete are not easy to find, but there are numerous communities in the hills surrounding the town where custom-built homes overlook the valley below and the majestic Baru Volcano. The roads that head away from town all loop back around so you’re never too far from shops, restaurants, and Boquete’s active social life.

One home I came across is a unique two-bedroom, two-bathroom home above town in Jaramillo with lots of personal touches and artistic charm. For just $140,000 it’s a great opportunity.

If you’re looking for something bigger, you can find a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home just five minutes from Boquete on the market for $240,000. The house sits on a lot with fruit trees and a covered outdoor patio. There’s also a laundry room, storage building, and a decorative fountain in the back yard.

It’s important to know that property rights for foreigners in Panama are the same as for nationals. You can buy real estate through a licensed real estate agent and own it personally, as a corporation, or as part of a foundation. Mortgages are available to foreigners, though the terms may differ from your home country.

If you prefer a smaller home, there’s a two-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse in a very attractive residential community outside of Boquete. The home comes with quality finishes, granite counters, an open floor plan, a large master bathroom, and spectacular views, all for $135,000.

South of town, there’s a family home in a desirable neighborhood for $150,000—with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, nice wood closets, and a back patio. It’s in a good location with easy access to downtown Boquete and the city of David, a half-hour farther south.

If you have a higher budget, there’s a variety of higher-end and luxury homes on offer as well. One of Boquete’s most desirable addresses is El Valle Escondido, a large residential development on the edge of town. Currently available is a spacious, two-story, three-bedroom, three-bathroom home for $379,900. The home features floor-to-ceiling closets, a large balcony, and includes country club membership.

Boquete has been a favored expat destination for many years and has attracted retirees from all over North America, Europe, and South America. With the comfortable climate, scenic surroundings, and affordable cost-of-living, it’s well worth a visit to find your next home overseas.

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