Find Plenty of Rentals in San Miguel de Allende

If you’ve heard of only one chic, artsy colonial destination in Mexico, it’s probably San Miguel de Allende. This sophisticated, scenic mountain town in Mexico’s Colonial Highlands is a favorite among expats and cultural tourists, who come for a week, a month or longer. As a result, San Miguel de Allende is a great place to find a rental, either short- or long-term. There are plenty of properties on offer.

Here are a few ways to find rentals in San Miguel, and some tips on determining if that rental will work for you.

First, entire websites today are devoted to vacation rentals in San Miguel, and a simple Internet search will turn up many of these. Several sites, including Premier San Miguel, Casas Elegantes, and San Miguel House Rentals, specifically focus on luxury properties.

Don’t necessarily count these out just because you lack a millionaire’s budget. Sometimes a “luxury” rental is simply a large property, with many en-suite bedrooms and sitting rooms. But if you’re a group of five couples dividing the cost, for instance, the per-couple rate of that swank home may be within reach.

Online resources for San Miguel itself, such as the San Miguel Guide also have real estate sections. And general vacation rental sites that include international properties usually have listings for San Miguel. I’ve checked out area properties this way (and eventually rented one) on Vrbo and on HomeAway, among other sites.

Do your research before you rent in San Miguel

If you’ve never been to San Miguel before, do your research to decide what area best suits your needs and budget. Obviously you’ll pay more the closer you are to the center. But this is a very walkable city—good streets, with a few low hills—so many people find that rentals a 15- or even 20-minute walk from the center are just fine.

Next, consider who is providing the listing information on a property—and who is responsible if a property doesn’t turn out as advertised. With management companies, check their reputation and track record. At sites like HomeAway and Vrbo, on which owners list their own properties, you usually can contact the owner directly to ask questions. Not comfortable sending payments or deposits to some guy you’ve only emailed? No worries…some of these sites, like HomeAway, provide rental insurance.

In the end, your first vacation rental may be something of an adventure. But in San Miguel, thanks to a sophisticated and demanding tourist market, the caliber of properties is generally high. Even for smaller, more modest condos and homes you’re likely to see beautiful design touches like talavera tile work in kitchens and baths, warm Mexican colors, and comfortable, attractive furnishings.

Who knows…you may find your San Miguel rental experience so successful that you become a regular visitor—just like thousands of other fans who go there year after year.

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