Finding Your Dream Home in Low-Cost Colombia

Gorgeous scenery, a perfect year-round climate, close to home (flights from Miami or Fort Lauderdale take less than three hours and the flight costs about the same as a U.S. domestic flight), modern supermarkets and shopping malls, and excellent healthcare…it’s easy to see the appeal of Colombia.

From small quaint towns in the lush coffee-growing region to glorious palm-tree-lined beaches along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, you’ll never tire of the beauty of Colombia.

And right now, because the Colombian peso is weak against the dollar, there’s never been a more favorable time in the last decade to buy in Colombia. Get in now, before the crowds, and take advantage of the low property prices.

In Your Own Home Overseas, I’ll be bringing you extended coverage from Colombia—where we’ll look at locations that might just be the perfect retirement destination for you. Not only that, but you’ll hear about some of the affordable properties that are available…and also hear about people who’ve already made the move.

Having lived in Maine for 27 years, IL Colombia correspondent, Nancy Kiernan, and her husband Mike went in search of their dream overseas retirement destination. Colombia, and particularly Medellín, was their choice.

“We purchased an apartment in a 15-year-old building in a residential area with easy access to the public bus system, and a couple of blocks walk to shopping, pharmacies, restaurants, and banking. The living space is 1,313 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, large kitchen, laundry room, and even maid’s quarters,” Nancy explains.

“But what really clinched the deal for us was that it had an amazing 861 square foot private brick terazza (terrace) that overlooks the Andes Mountains.” As well as buying and renovating her own home, Nancy keeps track of good-value real estate around Medellín and Colombia. One nearby town is Envigado.

“Often referred to as “Medellín’s suburb,” Envigado is becoming increasing popular with expats who are looking for the ambiance of the upscale cosmopolitan El Poblado neighborhood of Medellín but with a 20% to 25% lower cost of living.

Envigado offers expats a wonderful balance of city living with its amenities, easy access to recreational pastimes, and low cost of living.
And it’s here that Nancy has found homes from just $90,000 that could be your ideal retirement destination…

But it’s not just Medellín where you can find that dream home.

“A lot of people are falling in love with the breathtaking mountain scenery (even from the city center), easy-to-reach amenities, and the year-round late spring microclimate in Pereira, Colombia,” writes Erin Donaldson. “And real estate prices are incredibly affordable for Americans who have a nest egg of $50,000 to $100,000.

“This is a beautiful and increasingly desirable area that has a great transport system and a healthy, growing economy.”

Not only will you find move-in ready homes here, you can also pick up a fixer-upper, just like Canadians Angela and Ivan did. “They found this property in an opportune moment for less than its market value, as a fixer-upper. Over the course of a few visits and a couple of long stays, they slowly renovated the house to make it livable,” Erin explains.

Expats are discovering a land of intense beauty, low cost of living, balmy weather, and immense culture in beautiful Colombia. And you can too…

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