Finding Your Dream Home in Cool-Weather Nicaragua

With a general subtropical climate, Nicaragua is pretty hot everywhere and has a specific six-month dry season (December to May) and six-month wet season (June to November). However, Matagalpa is different. Here you wake up to sunshine most days with rain throughout the year.

This difference creates luxurious green forests that surround the city, providing all the necessities for the flora and fauna to thrive. Take a walk any day of the year and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds this city in the mountains. It also has much, much more…including homes from $46,000 up to $220,000…

The agricultural center of Nicaragua, Matagalpa, a city of over 150,000, offers many surprises in addition to fabulous coffee and possibly the best chocolate you’ve ever had. For one, it’s quite different from other Nicaraguan cities. With disability ramps on every corner and many restaurants not allowing smoking, modern Matagalpa is an example of Nicaragua’s progress.

All the big stores and supermarkets that you can find in Managua also reside in the kinder and gentler Matagalpa. And if you want home-grown fresh produce, know that you can easily find cheese, onions, tomatoes, corn, beans, and fruit (even strawberries) as well as vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

With 12 protected forest areas, imagine the gorgeous green foliage that surrounds the city, with colorful flowers all year round. You can find yourself in a real nature lover’s paradise. Hiking, biking, bird watching, visiting towns where women weave on ancient looms or touring coffee farms provide many satisfying days of exploration around the city.

The surrounding forests house all sorts of wildlife, exotic birds, and interesting insects. Lakes, rivers, and waterfalls abound and every turn on the modern highway that leads to Matagalpa gives you another picture-postcard view.

Spend the day at La Selva Negra, a beautiful reserve where you can hike, bird watch, and just relax. Also a working coffee farm, you can find La Selva Negra coffee around the world—from tiny Hurricane, Utah all the way to Melbourne, Australia.

Have you ever wanted a fruit farm? You can shell out $65,000 for a small two-bedroom, one-bathroom ranch with parking for two vehicles. In addition, you’ll be the proud owner of 40 mature fruit trees. Wouldn’t it be nice to get fresh mangos, bananas, avocados, or citrus fruits whenever you want them? You can also make your own chocolate products from your very own cacao trees.

Fancy yourself a bar owner? For $70,000 you can continue the revelry of a popular bar in Matagalpa’s city center.

You can live in the center of town within walking distance of supermarkets, clothes stores, a park, and transportation. You’ll find a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home with living and dining rooms and a mountain view costing only $46,000.

If you want something larger with special touches, a furnished two-story, four-bedroom, two-bathroom home gives you the well-appointed living space you are looking for. Complete with separate breakfast area, elegant entry way, dining and living rooms, walk-in closets, two large balconies, 24-hour security and covered garage, you can’t go wrong living right in town in this beautiful home for $220,000.

Matagalpa—like the rest of Nicaragua—is a highly affordable haven for expats. A couple you can easily live here on $1,200 a month; single people for less.

Whatever your taste…a small quaint home, a large farm, an elegant two-story house, a large lot to build your dream home or a turn-key business…Matagalpa has it for you—with prices so low they are hard to believe. Live your retirement out with no stress or financial worries. Live your retirement in Nicaragua.

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