Take the First Step on the Road to Retirement Overseas

If you’re thinking of attending your first International Living conference, it may be the first step on a journey that can take you anywhere in the world. You might join us once and, armed with the knowledge and insights you glean, hit out for your dream retirement destination almost immediately.

And that’s great, but there is another path that many take. You might become one of the familiar faces I see at every gathering…people who have attended two, three, four, or even more of our events over the years.

Some people who aren’t familiar with the whole process of retiring abroad think these multiple-event attendees either can’t make up their minds about where they want to relocate, or never seriously plan to relocate abroad at all. But I’ve talked with enough of them over the years to know that there is something else at work.

I know for a fact that most of these folks started out just like everybody else…as first-timers who were new to the whole concept of retiring abroad and wanted to take that first important step in a supportive atmosphere.

I also know for a fact that most of them discovered that they liked being around other adventurous, like-minded people who are also thinking outside the usual retirement box. And International Living events are one of the best ways for them to do that.

When you consider value for money, these International Living events could be one of the only ways to meet so many adventurous, like-minded people in one place at one time—and acquire a wealth of practical information and contacts to boot.

And at the events International Living holds in the U.S., they don’t even have to leave the country or have a passport yet to do just that (our next Stateside event is being held in Atlanta in May…all the details are here).

By the time they are repeat conference attendees, I’m sure that they are more than ready to pull the trigger and try out a country or community or two as potential retirement destinations. But as anyone who has given any serious thought to making a move like that can tell you, several things have to fall in to place before making such a move with confidence of success.

First, of course, is the research—which is why these familiar faces keep turning up at our conferences to begin with. If you attend an International Living conference or two and you don’t have the information you need to make a successful move, then you’re just not paying attention.

But beyond the information and research, the details of individual lives need to order themselves in the right way. Financial arrangements need to be made. Family obligations must be taken care of. Loose ends need to be tied up.

For a lot of the repeat attendees I see at our events, those particulars are still falling into place and, often, time is the crucial consideration.

We constantly tell people that the time they spend not moving abroad to a happier, healthier, more affordable place is time they will never get back. But we also realize that, in many cases, time is the only thing that can make such a move possible in the first place.

And I think that’s exactly where most of our repeat conference attendees are. They’re arranging things, anticipating things, working on things, patiently aligning everything for a successful move abroad.

And as part of this, they attend International Living conferences—where there is always something new to learn, someone new to meet, some new contact or resource to discover, and service to take advantage of.

Which is why I never ask of any of our repeat conference attendees, “Hey, don’t you think it’s time you either made your move or gave up on the idea?”

Because the idea never loses its appeal, and the conferences never lack for interest, information, and good company. And as long as these repeat attendees are thinking about, planning, and working on their ultimate retirement move, they’ll never lose the support and friendship of me or anyone else at International Living.

If you’re actively planning for your dream retirement abroad, International Living conferences are the best places to begin. Join us for one and see where your journey takes you.

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