Five Secrets to Paying for A Life Overseas

Could Ecuador be the number one country in the Western Hemisphere that strikes the perfect balance between cost of living, quality of life and access to an Internet-based income?

A great question. To get answered this coming August at the Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference.

When most Baby Boomers start looking at life abroad, they are looking for quality of life, good financial value and a little mental activity to keep those brain cells engaged as they charge into an adventuresome phase of their life.

I’ve traveled to Ecuador six times in the last four years and as I walk the streets in the early workday mornings in Quito, I’m always struck by the good mood I see on the peoples’ faces.

From cheerful school children in neatly pressed uniforms running to catch the school bus to the friendly taxi drivers that help me with my bad Spanish, there’s positivity to Ecuadorians.

Another thing that strikes me about Ecuador is the volume and variety of business activity, good Internet access and the remarkably low cost of living. For me, these three ingredients are essential criteria when selecting a country to live…and make money in.

I’m going back to Ecuador in August, this time to conduct a workshop as part of International Living’s Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference. I’ll be talking about how you can earn a full or part-time income by working over the Internet as you travel and live abroad.

I’ve identified five key areas of activity that are well suited to people who fancy a bit of globe-trotting—because they can be done from just about anywhere in the world with a good Internet connection.

I will spend the day teaching attendees the ins and outs of these five areas and helping people to figure out how to use skills and life experience they already have to earn money overseas in places like Ecuador.

It used to be that working remotely on a computer meant you were a geek, schooled for years in technical complexities and performing work mere mortals couldn’t grasp—not so much anymore.

If you can proof read, talk on Skype and do research with a new tool (you may not have heard of it, it is called Google), then you are already trained up and ready to make money from one of the fastest areas of Internet-based work.

So where does the money come from? And how can you start earning it?

In our pre-event seminar, I’ll be showing attendees exactly where they can go to find a list of over 200,000 jobs—everything from tiny one-hour work assignments like proofreading and editing, to customer service assignments that are great for people who don´t have in depth computer skills.

I’ll also reveal the five reasons most people that try to work on these networks fail and outline the three-step model for making sure you can succeed without all the trial, error and sense of being overwhelmed most people feel when they attempt to start earning online.

So, if you’re interested in seeing the world and clocking up a bit more hammock time, make sure you’re front and center at the Fast Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference when I reveal how it can be paid for. Find out more, here.


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