Fixer-Upper Turned Eco-Farm in Colombia for Just $58,000

Picture a two-story home in a tropical rainforest, where food grows abundantly, and butterflies play. Goats graze outside and occasionally you hear a call from the turkey and chickens clucking in the yard.

Garden spaces have been fenced and a permaculture garden is growing a wide variety of herb and food plants, which also help to beautify the yard. An onsite Guadua bamboo forest is also found nearby whose large round tree-like shoots are used as building materials.

This is the home of Canadian couple Angela and Ivan, who along with their two children, have turned their home near the Nevados National Park outside the city of Pereira into an eco farm. They bought a home, and made the transition from summer renovations and short visits to a fully operational permaculture farm and permanent residence.

They found this property at an opportune moment for less than its market value, as a fixer upper. Over the course of a few visits and a couple of long stays, they slowly renovated the house to make it livable.

There was a good overall structure with no major issues that couldn’t be fixed cosmetically. But, it had been sitting empty for 20 years and needed a good clean-out. Fortunately, the home was well constructed with brick and tropical hardwoods that last a long time.

Two years later they have a comfortable home and only a few more years left on their loan.

The easy part was finalizing the paperwork after completing the “promesa de compraventa” or promise to purchase, with the down payment. The notarization and legal proceedings for the papers were done within a week, and it was theirs.

Since this house was a fixer-upper, they only paid 175,000,000 Colombian pesos, or $58,000.

When buying a fixer-upper, try to get input from an experienced builder on any property that you want to invest in.

Angela and Ivan say their overall home buying and renovating experience was positive. The paperwork was easy to file and finished surprisingly fast. The area they live in is safe and their neighbors peaceful.

Pereira, Colombia is a place that is unique. It has a hometown feel with warm and friendly inhabitants. The cost of fresh food is low, even compared to other cities in Colombia, and much of it grown within 5 km to 10 km of the city.

Recently, a local magazine, La Semana, rated Pereira as one of the top five cities in Colombia for good investment potential and growth, which is already becoming quite evident. Whether you dream of a small farm or urban proximity, Pereira has it all.

In El Centro you will find the most realistic prices, and the most potential. Circunvalar and Pinares are already becoming a bit overpriced for even local residents. Pay attention to areas with tourist potential like La Florida, a small commercial and residential zone that’s like a small pueblo, but under the umbrella of Pereira. Opportunity abounds.

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