Flight Simulators, Photography, and Other Freelancing Benefits

A decade after leaving the corporate world and moving to Mexico, the word that best sums up my move is “freedom.”

These days I’m visiting five to seven countries a year. I have the freedom to set my own schedule…decide what days are workdays…enjoy lunch at the beach with my feet in the warm sand…or park myself in a coffee shop in an easy-going colonial city.

Best of all, I can now weave work and fun together in ways I never thought possible.

After 35+ years of being on someone else’s work schedule in varying degrees, it takes a little bit of getting adjusted to working out your new schedule, but it’s an adjustment that I’ve been happy to make.

And fortunately, we are now able to do this in ways that previous generations could not. Thanks to the internet, online job market, and the safety and security of those systems, you can work as an international freelancer more easily than ever before.

That means two things: The freedom to choose how, where, and when you work…and the flexibility to change your plans at the last minute.

These days, I’m free to spend more time on the hobbies that took a back seat to my corporate career. As a kid growing up in Southern California I was active in scouting.

That led me to photography at an early age, which was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Once my career came along, time for photography got squeezed into a very small space in my life.

But over the last seven years I have been able to find the time to allow my hobby blossom again, taking 10,000 or more photos every year.

Flexibility is the other thing you’ll notice when you give yourself freedom…

Recently I was on a trip to Panama, part business, part pleasure. A month before the trip, I had read a passing reference to a fellow baby boomer who had just realized his lifelong dream of flying a commercial jet flight simulator.

That planted a seed…I wanted to do exactly the same thing!

I went on the internet and discovered there was a similar flight simulator in Miami. After a few clicks and a couple of phone calls I was able to tweak my trip home and enjoy two hours “flying” a Boeing 777.

It’s a far cry from the sterile atmosphere of the conference room on the 24th floor just outside my office—a place where bad coffee, uncomfortable chairs, and stale air would conspire to make even a mildly interesting presentation a three-hour torture session.

Three hours would inevitably turn into four and mean that I was going to miss my daughter’s softball game…again!

Now I have the freedom and flexibility to weave my life into a very interesting fabric—one I couldn’t even imagine before I put my live abroad plans into action.

What are you waiting for?

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