Flights to Cancun from $262 Round-Trip

You can fly from Florida to Cancun, Mexico in less than two hours. And right now, the round-trip airfare for the end of February is only $262.

That’s with American Airlines from Miami.

Another cheap flight at the same time is from JFK New York with Delta—$333 round-trip.

In fact, all the airfares we researched to Cancun (including from Montreal, LAX California, Dallas and Atlanta) are round-trip for flights departing from February 15-20. Most are quick and easy direct flights. I’ll give you more details in a moment.

These are important flights for you, because Cancun on February 21 is where we’re holding the biggest gathering of the overseas year—the Ultimate Event.

We’re flying in a golden circle of more than 100 of the best and the brightest of the “international lifestyle” world.

This will be the only place to leverage the vast experience and tens of thousands of dollars we’ve spent over the past 12 months investigating, scouting and assessing the genuine destinations you should consider for a new life abroad in countries like Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Thailand and others.

For more than 30 years, International Living has covered the expat beat from soup to nuts. At the Ultimate Event 2012, we’ll explore every idea you need: Retirement, lifestyle, real estate, second passports, residency, adventure, health care, income…

Here are some more round-trip airfares we discovered to Cancun:

– LAX (Virgin): $362
– Atlanta (Delta): $378
– Dallas (American Airlines): $413
– Montreal (Delta): $419

Here’s the best deal of all: If you register as an “Early Bird” you get $200 off the registration fee for the Ultimate Event. Full details about the Ultimate Event and your $200 discount are here.

P.S. The last three annual Ultimate Events have sold out. The Ultimate Event 2012 in February already has more than 100 confirmed attendees. Please don’t wait and miss out. Simply let us know you want to attend.


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