Four Places Near the Water to Buy Now

In the past few days I’ve told you about two “special situation” real estate opportunities that you could act on right now (if you’re a member of Real Estate Trend Alert).

The first opportunity is a perfect bolthole if you’re looking for Caribbean living with a European flavor close to home. Direct and affordable morning flights from the U.S. will get you here in time to soak up early afternoon sunshine on the beach or bathe in the turquoise waters. One member of my Real Estate Trend Alert group could lock down a pad just back from the beach for $54,400.

The second opportunity is a 1.67-acre lot in a high-end gated community for $45,000. It has one of the finest views to the Pacific that I have ever seen. Whether you want to surf, swim or just relax here, you can—with a choice of five beaches. Though it’s quiet, there’s still plenty to do. You could grill fresh lobster right on the beach, ride horses, take a nature trail or just kick back in the clubhouse that oversees one of those five beaches.

Today I’m going to tell you about two more great opportunities that you’ll get full details on when you sign up to become a member of Real Estate Trend Alert.

In northeast Brazil, just five minutes from a stunning beach where couples stroll hand in hand… snorkelers paddle their way through schools of brightly colored fish… and kite surfers catch the warm breezes, propelling themselves skyward…you could buy a lot here for $24,970, with payments spread out over six years.

If this sounds like a killer deal, that’s because it is—and not just because of this beach and beach town.

Nearby, a mega government program and project is underway, one that will bring best-in-class infrastructure. Road, air, rail and sea infrastructure will all meet here. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created. Red tape will be slashed. And there will be special tax treatment for goods produced or processed for export here.

Your opportunity is to buy where the new management will want to live.

In Costa Rica we have another opportunity: a lot in a lake-view community, where average temperatures are in the mid-70s with sunshine and rain showers spread across much of the year. That makes this place perfect for hiking and boating. It also means strong, year-round growth of flowers and crops.

I don’t know anywhere like this. Volcanoes tower above the lake and hot and cold springs gurgle… The forests and rich pastureland stay bright and green. You don’t need heating or cooling. But, on a clear night, you might want to put a match to a log fire… for atmosphere.

It feels like Switzerland but the roar of the howler monkeys reminds me I’m in Costa Rica. This is a place that can’t stay secret for long.

The down payment on a lot here? Just $2,500…and monthly, interest-free payments of $188.

These are just some of the opportunities I’ve found recently for Real Estate Trend Alert members. But, I’m not resting on my laurels. Right now I’m working on something big: An opportunity to buy a little condo in a luxury resort just back from one of the finest beaches I’ve seen…with calm waters and white-bottomed lagoons… for as little as $100,000.

This condo is in one of South America’s fastest growing locales. As with any Real Estate Trend Alert opportunity, members will get special pricing and terms. Find out more about Real Estate Trend Alert here.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser).