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In December 2012, I was sitting in my beautiful waterfront apartment in Malta, a small, hidden gem of an island in the Mediterranean, drinking coffee while soaking up the stunning views. The turquoise waters were glistening from the warm, morning sun, pleasure boats everywhere. That view was also my office view.

As I checked my emails, there was an invite from a friend asking me if I wanted to go and live in Costa Rica for three months. I’d never been. However, as a freelance copywriter, I enjoy the freedom to travel or live anywhere I choose.

I was soon on a plane, bound for Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica.

Venturing out to the beach on my first morning, I discovered just how different Costa Rica was to the rocky outcrops and turquoise waters of Malta. Within a few minutes, I saw howler monkeys, several different exotic birds, and iguanas.

The Pacific Ocean was packed with surfers catching wave after wave as I walked along the wide, sandy beach, lined with coconut trees and beachfront restaurants. It was clear to me, I was going to enjoy living and working in Costa Rica.

Nearly every restaurant had free Wi-Fi, which allowed me to do my copywriting projects from various beachfront locations. To get my creative copywriting juices flowing, I simply looked up from my table at the stunning view or listened to the many sounds of the wildlife around me.

Settling into Tamarindo and making new friends was easy. The lifestyle is laid back during the day and there’s a great bar scene at night.

On a typical day, I might work on a copywriting project for a client in the morning, then head for breakfast, walk a couple of miles on the beach, go for a swim, and then work on my tan. After lunch, I would catch up with friends for happy hour at The Crazy Monkey Bar. We’d swim in the pool and order cocktails from the swim up bar, until it was time for sunset beach volleyball.

Many times after volleyball and watching another stunning sunset, our group would go to the fishermen’s hut located on the beach, grab some fresh mahi mahi or a slab of tuna and jumbo shrimp and head back to my condo and enjoy a barbecue and beers around the pool before heading to a few bars to continue the night of fun and laughter.

Several friends visited from the U.S., while I was in Costa Rica and we took day trips to waterfalls, thermal hot springs, and volcanic mud baths.

I enjoyed Costa Rica so much, I ended up staying six months before heading back to Europe. The whole time, I got to live in a new country and still do copywriting projects for clients.

Copywriting gives you a career and income without borders so that you too can live anywhere you choose.

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