Freedom, Adventure, and the Open Road…At No Expense

Taking tea with Mongolian herders…cycling through Che Guevara’s mountain hideaway…and camel riding in Lawrence of Arabia’s footsteps. I thought such exotic trips were the preserve of the privileged—not for me. But these and many other experiences have been mine…since I’ve discovered the Red Carpet Passport.

My discovery allows me to enjoy many more travels than just one annual vacation. Now I plan to retire early and travel even more.

For instance, I was able to go to Portugal‘s Algarve and try out miles of off-road cycling trails. I’m a cyclist, so it was a dream trip offering fresh experiences in the company of some fantastic people.

Each morning, I woke in comfortable accommodation to the smell of coffee and fresh toast. Then we cycled out of the village…making it up as we went along…testing the area’s potential.

On a rocky coastal path I met a German couple touring Europe in a converted military vehicle. Their huge six-wheel drive vehicle was enough to pause our ride. Every story they told held us longer. I started wondering if we could…maybe…load up our bikes and travel with them into North Africa.

We left the coast on stone tracks built to service the area’s many wind farms. These climbed through forests of pine and cork oak, while migrating vultures circled overhead. Then, finding a quiet tarmac descent, we dropped back to the coast for coffee and cake at a lovely village café.

Each evening, we were served up delicious home-cooked food in front of a comforting log fire.

All this and I was not charged a penny. The Red Carpet Passport is what got me there.

I am always looking for variety in my travels. New Zealand gave me an escape from the British winter. Mountain biking across the Mongolian Steppe was an interesting contrast to post-election riots in their capital city.

Plus, I always have trips in the planning. In June, I will be motorcycling around the Austrian Alps and an American road trip is also on the drawing board.

As I head towards retirement, I plan to expand my travel…supplementing my pension as I broaden my mind. My imagination—and the Red Carpet Passport—will allow me to live like a king.

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