Freedom to Travel and a Fulfilling Lifestyle in Panama

“I have a great life in Panama and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” says Joyce Newton.

Joyce always loved to travel, and from her new home town in David she has that freedom. David’s airport is small but an hour-long flight will take you Panama City, with regular flights to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

“Next weekend I’m going to a farm in Volcan where the owner raises beautiful heliconia flowers,” says Joyce. “Last year I went to Medellin, Colombia with a couple of friends who also like to travel. It’s very affordable to go from Panama City and we had a terrific time.”

That travel includes trips back to the U.S. at least once a year to see her family. “My daughter also comes to Panama to visit,” says Joyce. “She spent two weeks with me here in David earlier this year.”

For Joyce, staying active and socializing with others is very important. “There are always things to do and places to go if you want to stay busy,” she says. “When my daughter was here we went to a very remote thermal hot springs up in the mountains.

Joyce, in her mid-sixties, supplements her retirement income by working at home part-time. She works online for a company in California that manages vacation rental properties.

“With a computer and internet service you can work from anywhere,” says Joyce. “This is perfect for me because I work in my own home and I enjoy it. It keeps me busy, the income supports me and enables me to travel when I want.”

Joyce lives in an older, well-located neighborhood in David close to a convenient shopping center. Her home, like many others, sits on a large lot with abundant shade and fruit trees.

“My life is full,” says Joyce. “On Mondays I host a Spanish language study group in my home. Twice a week I drive to Boquete where I play bridge with my friends. I like to go out to lunch with friends or attend musical events.”

Panama turned out to be the right place for Joyce and she plans to stay. “The Panamanian people are wonderful—they’re warm and friendly and very welcoming,” says Joyce. “If you make an effort to speak a little Spanish, even poorly, they’ll bend over backwards to help you.”

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