Fresh Income Ideas for Your Overseas Life

What did you love about the work you have done in the past? What do you never want to do again? How can you take the parts you love and put them to work in an exciting new way?

Those are the kind of questions Kate Butterworth asked herself when she moved to Athens, Greece. Kate had a background in education but there were already numerous programs available for students wishing to learn about ancient Greece.

However, she soon realized that no attention was being given to the modern day country. She decided to do something about that and her program, Study in Greece Today, was born. Not only did she create a business that supported her new life, but by doing so she also created a source of income for her freelance teaching staff.

When you’re looking for ideas or solutions to problems, start your search by asking good questions:

– Who has a problem I know how to solve?
– What have I thought about but not investigated?

Those kinds of queries get your imagination going.

If you keep a journal or idea notebook, start making a list of provocative questions you’d like answered in your own life. Ask them in the most compelling way you can think of. “How can I deliver the most fabulous service possible?” is a lot more intriguing than “How can I give better service?”

Keep asking questions about creating the most brilliant enterprise possible.

Continue adding to the list and leave room for the answers you come up with. Make it a permanent tool for building your business. Ask questions as you start, as you grow, and as you near the finish line.

Be willing, also, to be patient in finding your answers. As writer Zora Neale Hurston reminds us, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” The important thing is to ask the best questions to begin with—the ones that are worthy of your dreams.

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