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Expat Funds Her Life in Spain by Sharing Her Passion for Food

Margalit fell in love with Spain after spending a year in the town of Cazorla as a high school exchange student. After her exchange student experience, Margalit tried to make annual visits to Spain. During one of those trips, she reunited with her host family's daughter, who proposed the idea of becoming roommates in the city of Granada, located in the country's southern region of Andalucía.

Which of These 9 Retirement Personality Types Are You?

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December 29, 2019

I guess you would classify me as the "tirelessly moving, globetrotting workhorse." That's my takeaway from a recent story in Kiplinger magazine by a financial adviser and investment educator that categorizes retirees into nine buckets: Tireless Mover, the Lost, Workhorse, the Lonely, Globetrotter, Reluctant Spender, Superhero, Overly Generous, and Never Retired.