Travel Photography

Become a Travel Photographer

Walk into your back yard, kneel down, and snap a photo of a flower in your garden…or capture a shot of your grandchildren playing with a football. Did you know that these photos could earn you $25…$50…even $150 or more for each one? Imagine if, every time you went on vacation, with your camera in tow, you could make up to $800 for those pictures you snap.

There is no great secret to breaking into photography—even if you have no experience and only use a simple point-and-shoot camera, it can still be a way to fund a new, more relaxed, and fun lifestyle. Photos are used everywhere…newspapers, magazines, billboards, websites, technical manuals, and almost any published material. Someone has to take those pictures.

Why Become a Travel Photographer?

Photography really can open up the world to you. As a “working” photographer, you can pick-up-and-go any time you choose…get on a flight to any number of far-flung destinations…and enjoy the freedom of the photographer’s life. See the articles below for more information on ways to earn a living as a photographer.

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