Get $60,000 a Year From Your Overseas Home

I could never have afforded my tropical-island property if I didn’t use it to earn.

And earn it does…I bring in between $50,000 and $60,000 a year.

If you rent your second home part of the year, it can pay for itself. In fact, it may even make you a healthy profit.

But you need to know how to successfully market your overseas dream pad to vacationers.

To go after the vacation market, you need to create an environment that speaks to the emotion or feeling vacationers seek. What do visitors to your area want? Peace? Excitement? Pampering? A connection with nature? A one-stop beach vacation with all of the toys?

It’s likely that you were looking for the same thing, which is why you were drawn to the locale yourself.

First, create the environment. Think like a movie director. The scene is set with items that let us know we are in a professor’s office, a New York balcony, or a restaurant. Pull together the pieces to let future guests know they will have the right vacation in your home. Think art, think color, think layers of beauty. Use inexpensive, eye-catching decor that will photograph well.

Photograph everything. Think like the person who’s going to pay to stay at your house. When you’re going on vacation, you want to spend a lot of time dreaming. Have as many photos as you can. Pay close attention to light. Get a mixture of wide angle, where we see the whole room, and detailed close ups of some decorative objects or the table set for visitors.

If you can, get a video. Yes, you can use a smartphone. If possible, use a tripod, and pan very slowly. You can talk over it or use music, ending with a link for your website or another listing portal.

When you’re writing your listing, wax poetic. It’s ok to get emotional and evocative when writing about your home. People want to fall in love with your place—otherwise, they wouldn’t have selected your listing. Don’t lose them now, draw them in with captivating writing.

You have all the pieces in place…now you just need to let the world know you’re open for business and happy to collect payment.

Today, listing sites make it easy. They will even take credit card payments for you, allowing guests to book online, and they will update your calendar for you.

Then, sit back, wait for the money to roll in, and let the maid know when the first guests are arriving.

It’s good to be king, yes, but a bit too much responsibility for my taste. What’s better is to be king of your castle, and let the people have their cake, and pay you, too.


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