Get an Instant Income From e-Book Publishing

When I was getting started in the e-book business, I thought it would be a long time before I could create an actual book (I’ve since learned shortcuts for doing it quickly).

Part of my solution was to use books from the public domain for free—as I told you about yesterday.

That works for older material, but a strategy that provided me with more contemporary books was licensing existing print books…converting them to an e-book format…and paying the author part of the royalties I collected.

The first book I licensed in this manner, Attitude is Everything, had already sold more than 75,000 print copies, so there was no question that there was a demand for the information.

The author was happy for me to do the e-book conversion and sales promotion…and send him a royalty check every month. And it turned out to be a very good deal for me as it was our number one earning e-book for several years.

When I checked today, there were 25 million paperback books at Amazon and about 3 million Kindle e-books. So that means there are almost 30 million books that haven’t been converted to e-book (and that doesn’t count the millions more that aren’t even on Amazon).

Of course, some of those print books are published by major publishers, and they’re not likely to license their books to you. But there are many older books by major publishers that were published before e-books, so the publisher didn’t purchase the e-rights from the author.

Those authors are prime candidates for licensing, as are the authors who self-published their print books and don’t understand how simple it is to convert a print book to e-book.

That’s something I can share with you.

Once it’s converted, you need an image of the front cover and you’re in business. Even if you have a new cover created, it can be done quickly and for a minimal outlay.

If you sell the e-book on your own website or on a Facebook page you can have cash in your bank 48 hours later.

Licensing books from others can be a quick and lucrative way for you to fund your life overseas. Watch this special presentation I’ve prepared for you where I show you how…

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