Get Moving on Your New Life Overseas

Every week, many IL readers make the crucial decision to “just do it,” and get moving on a new life overseas. Often we’re lucky enough that they send in their stories. Here, briefly, are four of my recent favorites…

– Originally from Texas, Marika retired at 35 to Costa Rica and moved to the beach…where she could live well on $600 a month: “I live just a few steps from a white-sand beach. At just 38 years old I’m retired. In fact, I’ve been retired in the traditional sense—from a 40-hour-a-week, full-time job—since I was 35.

“I realized that there was more to life than working. I figured that if I stopped spending money on expensive clothes, shoes that looked pretty but hurt my feet, and dining out every night I’d have a better work-play balance. So I quit my day job and sold most of my possessions. In Costa Rica there are still vast amounts of uninhabited land at affordable prices. And I knew that with Costa Rica’s lower cost of living, my current savings would last more than a year without having to earn much of an income.”

– Wendy went to Ecuador with high hopes…but even she wasn’t prepared for what she found on the coast: “To be able to live near white-sand beaches with great weather year-round and such low living expenses is shocking. We’ve also learned that the luxuries of home (such as lattes and shopping excursions) aren’t out of reach here. I’m considering a second home in Salinas now. Maybe I’ll open a bookstore!”

– Don was drawn to Belize for its Caribbean sailing. But when he put ashore, he realized that the big draw here wasn’t the beaches…but the way of life. He confides: “I hesitate to reveal how wonderful the little village of Placencia in southern Belize really is. If the secret gets out, then that may spoil what makes it so unique—its small town atmosphere.

“I grew up in small towns in southern Ohio in the 50s. It was a simple life for kids then—riding bicycles, playing ball, wandering the neighborhood with your friends, looking for pop bottles to get the deposit back. My first exposure to Placencia instantly brought back those memories…”

– Marvin lives part-time in Panama, in a small beach community called Playa La Barqueta (about 15 miles from David). He says: “The beach is 16 miles long with dark gray volcanic sand. Half of this stretch of beach is a marine refuge where sea turtles nest (mostly loggerhead, olive ridley, hawksbill and green sea turtles). This creates a tremendous opportunity for anyone who lives along this stretch of Pacific Ocean to watch the turtles hatch.

“Most people think this area is difficult to reach. From Miami it’s a three-hour flight to Panama City, followed by an airport-change to Holbrook Airport (a taxi ride across the city), wait for a one-hour flight to David…followed by a 45-minute drive to the beach. We don’t mind the trip, or that La Barqueta hasn’t been extensively developed. In fact, the remoteness and low cost of living is part of what drew us here.”

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