Get Paid $30,500 for a Summer Trip to Europe

I love traveling around Europe…and being able to earn as I travel is a real bonus. Last summer I visited eight European destinations and got paid four times from my travels. In total, my trip to Europe earned me $30,500.

I had wanted to visit Belgium for some time, particularly the medieval city of Bruges, with its cobbled streets, canals, and perfectly preserved old buildings, so I organized some assignments there.

I finally got to climb the 366 steps of the famous Belfry of Bruges and enjoyed a wonderful view over this historic town…I took a canal tour and heard stories about the rich heritage of this prosperous place…I had a wonderful dinner in one of the many canal-side restaurants.

Next I was off to visit Ghent, another lovely historic town with a magnificent castle in the center. And I also visited the diamond capital of Europe, Antwerp, where I enjoyed a harbor cruise and visited the beautiful zoo with its amazing aquarium.

All in all, I earned $20,000 for six videos of Belgian destinations for a tour company.

Then I traveled on to Holland, where I was greeted by typical Dutch landscapes, including windmills and tulip fields, which are the iconic shots of Holland that always work well on a travel video.

In The Hague, I filmed a miniature park, featuring all of the main attractions of the country, which was great preparation for my trip through Holland.

The interactive miniatures were great fun and I not only filmed this park for a German tour company as part of their itinerary but also for the park itself, which needed a video for the website. This contract earned me another $3,000 in addition to the $4,000 for the destination video.

I also made it to Rotterdam, a bustling port town with modern buildings but also a rich history and interesting museum and great fish restaurants. But a visit to Holland is not complete without seeing Amsterdam and its beautiful canals, the Anne Frank house, and the Van Gogh museum. All the time I was in these amazing cities, I was recording video on my camera.

A few miles to the north of Amsterdam is the traditional village of Zaanse Schans with its working windmills and cheese factories. The windmills are still used for grinding nuts into oil and sawing wood for wooden shoes, while narrow staircases lead up to the roof of the windmills, affording a view over the adjacent river.

My final trip was a sailing adventure on a sail boat with a school group from Germany. The tour company that runs the boat wanted video footage of the students enjoying their trip.

The weather was gorgeous and as well as recording it, I spent many lazy days in a hammock on the boat, went swimming, and visited quaint fishing villages. I also walked on the Wadden Sea at low tide to learn about this unique marine environment. I spent five wonderful days on the ocean and got paid again—$3,500 for filming this amazing experience.

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ll know that’s $30,500 in total from my trip.

I love my job and really would like to help you to discover the joy of traveling, the passion of filming and earning an income from making commercial videos, so you too can finance your dream life abroad.

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