Get Paid for Your Caribbean Travel

Whenever I check my emails I feel the excitement of a kid opening presents on his birthday.

That’s because I’m a travel writer.

Today I got an email from a magazine editor stating I’d be receiving an $800 check for an article I wrote for his glossy publication.

But what’s really satisfying are the thrills and adventures that lead up to paydays like this.

In the past year alone, I’ve stayed for free in luxurious villas sporting spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. I’ve played golf on the same world-class courses that you see on TV. I’ve also eaten five-course meals where the chefs stopped by my table to see if I enjoyed their gourmet cuisine.

This windfall is all because I listened to the experts…and then wrote travel articles.

The $800 check comes on the heels of me taking an all-expenses-paid press trip in January. Keep in mind I live in chilly Minnesota, so the idea of receiving free airfare, free accommodation, and being escorted to restaurants, golf courses, ghost tours, zoos, and happy-hour events in a tropical climate was a no brainer.

There’s been a pretty dramatic shift as to how I would describe my “typical workday” since transitioning from my career as a recruiter in the fields of architecture and engineering into Caribbean travel writing.

My “before” was sitting at a computer in an office setting while matching people into their dream jobs. Now I’ve got a dream job of my own while working amidst palm trees, turquoise water, white sand, and an occasional rum punch.

It’s been four glorious years since I took the plunge to attend the Ultimate Travel Writer Workshop and dip my toe in the travel writing pool. I pored over the notes I jotted at the workshop, followed what they said about uncovering compelling article topics, and then reached out with query letters to editors.

What happened next was beyond my wildest dreams.

Since becoming a travel writer, each morning I wake up thinking about where I’ll travel next and what I’ll write about. If I can do it, you can too.

I started from square one as a travel writer. Make no mistake, I’ve encountered my share of rejection but I continually polish my craft, and I’m encouraged by the network of colleagues I’ve developed.

Now forgive me…I must go and check my emails. I need to see what exciting destination gift is waiting for me today.

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