Get Paid to Tour the World—Up to $4,000 a Trip

I live an idyllic life on a Spanish island, named Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa. Here, the temperatures are between 70 F and 85 F all year round, with 350 days of sun.

I am surrounded by beautiful, white-sand beaches and I get to surf the waves every day. This is the ideal base for me. And in just four hours I can be back in Central Europe, where I do a lot of my “work.”

As a travel videographer being on the road is just like being a tourist with a list of attractions to visit, the only difference being that I am getting paid for it. In fact, I can get paid up to $4,000 or more per trip by making short videos for tourist boards, hotels, tour companies, spas, and anyone looking to promote a tourist attraction on a website.

Naturally I always get into museums and amusement parks for free and indulge in activities such as canal tours or sailing trips free of charge.

This summer I filmed in Belgium and Holland, waking up in the mornings to the sight of windmills, cows, and tulips. These days, you can take high-quality video on a simple camera…or even on your cell phone so there’s no need to carry specialist equipment around with you.

Part of the “job” is to just hang out in local cafés on a busy square, sip on a cappuccino and watch the people pass me by. I’m looking out for spontaneous scenes, such as a horse carriage passing by, a street musician playing, or a group of tourists looking at a famous building or eating waffles, ice cream, and other local treats.

I also get ideas for using interesting angles and capturing the spirit of a city. I might climb the old bell tower on the market square, to get the best view across the old city center or set up my drone to film the old town from above.

One of my favorite ways to explore a city is during a river or canal tour. I just sit comfortably, learn about the history of a city, and let my camera do the work as beautiful historic buildings pass me by.

But I am also a fan of amusement parks. Since I am there to promote the park, I get to skip the long lines and sit right in front of the roller coaster with my camera attached to my head. Often times I do the ride twice, just to get another take (and more fun).

In art galleries I often get a private tour and in animal parks I get to go closer to the action, so I can get the best shots. I love filming dolphins and eagles up close or seeing a seal jump into the air right in front of me.

In the evening, I find a lively spot to have a drink and chat with the locals or other travelers or, if I don’t feel like talking, I just find a scenic spot outside of town to wind down with a nice wine and a good meal while enjoying a sunset over the countryside.

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