Get Paid to Write About What You Love

When you love something—be it anything from corgis and yoga to travel and Mexican food—you’re going to want to share it with others.

And while your friends and family won’t always have the same enthusiasm for learning Spanish, traveling with pets, or buying a new home overseas, there are thousands of people online who do…and you can make money talking to them about the things you love.

Thanks to the rapid growth of the internet, the world is more connected today than ever before. No matter how niche you think your interests are, there’s an audience for what you have to say online. And with your very own blog, you can connect with people all around the globe and tap into the earning potential of any topic.

The best bloggers make upwards of $80,000 a year or more. And the average blogger earns between $19,000 and $70,000. But you don’t need to be a professional writer or IT graduate—there’s plenty of help out there with the technical stuff—to start earning. Blogging is simply about connecting with like-minded people who share your interests.

And it’s easier than you think to get started. All you need is:

• A reliable internet connection

• A computer

• A love for chatting/posting online

• About $100 a year for web services

It typically takes three to six months to start earning a real income from your blog. But if you start blogging in your spare time, right now, you can have something worth quoting by summer.

There are many easy ways to monetize your blog—and you could turn it into a real money spinner by tapping into multiple income streams. Some bloggers simply link to products on Amazon and Amazon give them a portion of the sale.

Some write articles about products they’re interested in, in exchange for a fee. While others use their blogs as a platform to sell their own goods. Some successful bloggers I know sell everything from consulting services to travel itineraries and crochet patterns.

If you have something to say and a desire to share it with other people, there’s no easier, more rewarding way to fund your travels, a move overseas, or even early retirement.

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