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This has been quite a year. It started in January with a weekend in West Virginia riding all-terrain vehicles on the Hatfield & McCoy Trails…hand-feeding black bears…and dancing to bluegrass music. In February I drove a reindeer sleigh through a winter wonderland in Roros, Norway. I kept myself warm by sampling aquavit along the newly developed Aquavit Trail around Trondheim.

In March I was cocooned in chocolate at the Chocolate Spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania. April and May brought adventures in Peru including fishing for piranhas in the Amazon…dining in five-star restaurants in Lima…and gazing at the wonders of Machu Picchu.

Charleston, South Carolina was on the calendar in June where I dined on shrimp and grits, crab cake po-boy’s and tomato pie. I strolled through graveyards on a ghost tour listening to tales of the dearly departed who seem to be a bit reluctant to leave town.

It was back to Norway in July for a visit to the art nouveau town of Alesund. I took a rib boat to Runde Island—home to over 500 species of birds—where I watched thousands of puffins splashing about in the water. I cruised through spectacular fjords to Geirangerfjord where I met a few rowdy Vikings! One of Norway’s celebrity chefs took me mushroom picking in the woods outside Trondheim. Another guide led me on a hike to pick berries—a Norwegian tradition.

August activities included a VIP tour of the Pentagon, a cooking class with a top chef, and sightseeing around Washington DC.

In September I found my way to eastern Germany to see all the cultural treasures of Dresden. In Saxony-Switzerland National Park, I climbed the trails around magnificent sandstone towers walking in the footsteps of knights from medieval times.

While touring the hunting pleasure castle of Augustus the Strong in Moritzburg my private guide was a knight who dubbed me “Lady Marshall”. I rode a steam train to the vineyards in Radebeul for wine tasting. Lunch was a time travel menu with each course served on Meissen porcelain from three centuries.

This is life as a travel writer and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I have been doing this for a few years now, but in the beginning I started this portable career from home.

Let’s face it, starting out you may have limited time for travel. Perhaps you have a job that limits you to two or three weeks of vacation. That is how it was for me in the beginning but I refused to let that keep me from pursuing my dream.

Drawing from the sage advice to “write what you know” my first article featured parks near Orlando where I was living at the time. Next I wrote about one of my favorite beaches in Florida.

Your hometown is a destination for someone else. Look around you, discover the hidden treasures nearby and start writing.

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