Getting Paid to Live the Italian Dream

I stood in the window of my apartment in Lucca, Italy, concentrating on painting the scene below. The narrow street was filled with the usual locals who were doing their daily marketing and stopping briefly in a centuries-old church to light a candle.

As I tried to capture this slice of life on canvas, I looked out to see a pair of tourists aiming their camera at me—the artist in the window above. Once the shutter clicked, they smiled and waved and I waved back. But my own smile was followed by warm satisfaction that I was living a dream: spending several months in Italy so as to really experience the culture and become part of the fabric of local life.

Am I retired and spending my pension on such an adventure? No.

Had I saved for years to fund this special trip? No.

I was actually living just like I do at home in southwest Ohio. And there was only one reason this was possible…the fact that I am a freelance copywriter.

My writing clients don’t care where I am, so for several months I worked just like I would work at home…in Italy.

I immersed myself in the Italian lifestyle from my apartment in Lucca. What a joy. I was free to take a week off to wander around Rome. I spent a day in Montecatini on a spa excursion. I had my sister-in-law visit and take in the sights of Firenze. (Florence, for you English-speakers!)

And I never missed a pay check thanks to my job as a copywriter. I was able to make my work schedule flexible enough to accommodate my passion for all things Italian. I would work in the morning and go out for lunch…and when I walked by the leather-goods store, Anna Maria would call out “Ciao Stella!” as I passed.

Farther down the block, the butcher’s wife would shout “Buongiorno!” whether I stopped in or not. But I usually did, for the best Parma ham in the world.

For many years I was a typical “cubicle employee.” I worked for a Fortune 500 company but I felt like my life was on hold.

Then the recession came and I found myself out of work.

So, I dusted off the Six-Figure Copywriting Program I had bought a year before from AWAI. I had done a lot of technical writing in my corporate job, and I loved all other types of writing, so why not check it out?

The results were amazing.

Yes, I still had to work, but I could do so when and where I pleased…so I booked a long-term trip to Italy. It was a dream come true.

Copywriting has given me the flexibility and income to live life on my own terms. For me, that is an extended time in Italy to soak up the culture and indulge my love of painting.

But whatever it is for you—you can make it happen when you learn the skill of copywriting.

All I can say is…if you are not independently wealthy—learn to be a copywriter. Then the world is yours.

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