Give Me One Good Reason Why You Don’t Have a Second Passport

If you don’t hold a second passport yet, what’s stopping you?

When you hold a second passport, a world of opportunities opens up to help you protect your finances, safeguard your privacy, and to grow your financial nest egg free from high taxes.

So I ask again, what’s keeping you from getting your second passport?

As I have discussed this second passport issue with hundreds of people over several decades I have heard the same wrong reasons that cause people to hesitate in getting a second passport.

Let’s examine those reasons:

1. I don’t travel enough to make a second passport worthwhile.

It doesn’t matter whether you travel a lot…or if you’ve never left the United States, holding a second passport is essential…if you value your freedom.

In today’s turbulent times, having a second passport can offer safety should your American citizenship become a problem. That could happen if you are traveling to a country that is hostile to Americans…but far more importantly, a second passport could protect you if the time comes when freedom in the U.S. is restricted even more than it is right now.

If the U.S. government decides to impose more than the current restrictions on citizens trying to leave America, having a second passport offers an essential pathway to freedom elsewhere.

2. Getting a second passport takes a lot of effort, and I’m probably not entitled to one anyway.

Neither of those assumptions is correct.  There are several avenues for attaining a second passport that may be open to you right now.

In fact, you may be entitled to a second passport, based on your ancestors, if either of your parents or any of your grandparents was born in Ireland, Italy, Poland, or several other countries. Proof of that fact doesn’t take much effort or time.

3. Isn’t holding a second passport illegal?

It is a common, government-inspired misconception that for Americans having a second passport is somehow illegal. Wrong! That is utterly false. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that all American citizens are entitled to hold multiple citizenships—and, if you value your privacy and freedom, it’s something I encourage you to do.

4. I can’t see how holding a second passport can help me financially.

A second passport can help you grow and protect your assets as part of a smart offshore investment strategy.

Let me clarify something. There’s another, more pervasive government-promoted misconception that banking or investing offshore is somehow a criminal or even unpatriotic act. That is absolutely untrue. There are offshore reporting rules, but no prohibition of offshore financial activity for Americans—yet!

Because of the financial benefits to holding a second passport, government bureaucrats don’t want you to take advantage of your right to dual citizenship. They want to keep you at home where they can control you and your money.

But an additional passport grants you an increased ability to engage in investments and tax planning that is off-limits to many stay-at-home Americans. That can help you cut your tax bill…and protect you against privacy intrusions by the U.S. government, such as the odious Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act (FATCA).

In this offshore strategy blueprint, I’ll tell you more about how a second passport can protect your financial freedom and grow your financial nest egg unthreatened by an overzealous government.

Find out more about that blueprint and how it can help you secure your financial freedom here.

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