Good News For Property Investment

I’ve been telling you this week about how you could buy a five-acre home lot in pristine jungle, minutes from some of the Caribbean’s finest white-sand and turquoise waters…with a manageable down payment and monthly payments of $500.

This is the latest “off market” deal I have negotiated for Real Estate Trend Alert members.

The good news is that you still have time to become a “RETA” member before I send a full members’ briefing next week.

With this real estate development, you get the best of both worlds. Space and privacy to spread out. Seclusion. You’ll only share your five acres with the colorful butterflies, birds and maybe a monkey as he passes from tree to tree. You could walk out your front door… and 12 minutes later perform morning stretches…warm sand between your toes…on one of the worlds best beaches. Or visit some of nature’s greatest treasures in the biosphere reserve.

Today this place is easily accessible from everywhere in North America. It’s just taking a while for everyone to catch on. I think of it as a Caribbean secret. The government has realized the potential. They have a plan, including major new infrastructure that could bring 11 million tourists to this stretch of coast a decade from now. This government has a track record of successfully delivering on similar projects. Meantime, with literally millions of protected acres for nature to flourish, land will become scarce.

As the Path of Progress rolls through, land…and a five-acre lot in particular…will be a rare and valuable commodity.

As I’ve said earlier in the week, these lots are only available for Real Estate Trend Alert members to buy. And the financing is also only for RETA members.

I’ll release full details of this “off market” Caribbean deal early next week. To get on the RETA list that will receive those details, here’s all you have to do.

But this is just one deal. There are dozens of “off market” deals members of Real Estate Trend Alert could have got in on this year alone. And there are more to come.

The deals must be strong. And the project must be “best in class”. But I don’t seek out  strong deals in any place. I look for somewhere special—where something is happening, or set to happen, that will likely increase property values. Like new roads, airports or a booming local economy. (Despite how things feel at home, there are places where the economy is strong.)

For example: a 100-mile stretch of Pacific coastline of dramatic lush green jungle clad hills and sandy beaches. Before a new highway…cut through towering mountains, cloud forest and awesome scenery…opened the drive from the capital, this could have cost you eight hours and the suspension of your truck. Now you travel direct on the a smooth highway. You arrive at the coast in comfort three and a half hours later. Pioneers and adventurers are starting to pay attention.

This is a special place. A “best in class” project members of Real Estate Trend Alert can get in on another off market deal.

Join my Real Estate Trend Alert service and you can immediately access my report on this opportunity to buy a lot overlooking this stretch of Pacific with a manageable down payment and $416 per month.

Over in Ireland we have a different type of opportunity. The economy and real estate market has tanked. The IMF and European Union have come in for a so-called “bail-out”. The property market is no-bid. Sellers want much more than any buyer will pay.


There’s a way, on the 30th of this month (just 19 days from today), you could could pick up an elevated two-and-a-half acre lot in a County Clare village for as little as 17,000 euro ($23,000). This rolling rich green countryside is close to where the roaring Atlantic meets vertical cliffs…and Shannon airport which gives a choice of direct flights to the U.S.

Also in County Clare, in the town of Ennis you could pick up a small lot for 7,500 euro ($10,000) with permission to build a retail unit and two apartments.

A condo in the wild and untamed County Donegal could be yours from 25,000 euro ($33,500).

The banks, real estate sales people and the government don’t want you to know this. They are still trying to talk up the market. They would be much happier if you paid sticker price. We don’t like doing that. There’s only one way to buy in Ireland. This way you could buy for as little as one-fifth what your neighbor paid. The vested interests don’t want you to know this. I do. You’ll find full details on how you can be (virtually) in the room to get in on these deals…and another 109 opportunities…this November 30th. In the coming days members of Real Estate Trend Alert will get my full report on available inventory.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser).