Grants for Expats Overseas…And Other Easy Ways to Earn an Income Abroad

How can you make moving overseas easy?

You really want to go. Everyone keeps talking about the lower cost of living…the warm, tropical climates…the lovely people…cocktails on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

But you want to create an income to support that move.

The good news is that new ideas are emerging all the time and it’s never been easier to fund your new adventure overseas.

Sometimes they are technology-led. The last 20 years has seen a massive shift in how we communicate and do business. It has opened all sorts of opportunities that we never could have guessed at—ecommerce, e-book publishing, online selling, online publishing, remote working. The oyster belongs to those who are open to new ways of thinking.

Other times, it’s a government initiative in another country that makes it easy for you to set up there…places that give you a tax break for opening a tourism business…or a visa for teaching English…or a grant to start up a new enterprise. You need this information at your fingertips if you’re serious about making the break.

So, how can you make moving overseas easy?

The question is foremost in my mind when I select ideas and stories to include in Incomes Abroad.

Fortunately, I work with a terrific team of people who keep coming up with ideas. They are experts in the field…editors on the ground…writers on the road. That’s why, right now, I’m reviewing stories about how you can move to Europe with a ready income and plenty of time off to spend it…how one man persuaded his boss to let him do his job remotely from Costa Rica, with tips for how you can do the same…and opportunities for people like you to move to foreign cities that actually pay you to set up a business there.

These are the easy routes to overseas earning.

One couple from Canada, for example, are running their dream business in Nicaragua with the support of a franchise. Find out how much easier it is to buy a franchise than to start out on your own. These people are delighted with their move and you can meet them in the next issue of Incomes Abroad.

Our aim is to bring you solid, money-making ideas, easy ways to make them work, and examples of how people are putting them in place.

Incomes Abroad is packed with specific opportunities—like a bookstore that’s come up for sale in Panama—analysis of how to do business in other countries, like Costa Rica, and details of the technology you need to become a remote worker.

Tap into this rich resource on creating an income that allows you to spread your wings. Never before has there been so much to discover.

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