Great Pay, Great Lifestyle…the Benefits of Copywriting

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

“Jason,” my friend Brad told me. “I know you can work from anywhere in the world.” He was right.

Freelance copywriters like me can make a living—and often a very good living (in excess of six-figures per year)—from just about anywhere in the world.

All you need are the secrets to writing a simple sales letter, a laptop, and an Internet connection…and you’re good to go. “And I know,” Brad said, “that you’ve never been to Thailand.”

Again, he was right…Thailand was still an unchecked item on my bucket list. Brad was onto something here…

“And finally,” Brad said, “I know it’s got to be FREEZING in Dublin in January. (I was based in Dublin, Ireland at the time) How cold is it now in Dublin? One degree? How you liking that mate?”

He was spot on yet again. Sometimes I hate it when people are right. And in this case, Brad was right on all counts.

So I blame him for making me pack my bags, fly halfway across the world, and start a new and amazing life in “The Land of Smiles” almost seven years ago.

Damn you, Brad!

I arrived on the island of Koh Phangan in mid-January 2007. And I fell in love with the island almost immediately. It had everything I ever dreamed of when I first pondered the idea of making money from anywhere in the world.

Thousands upon thousands of swaying palm trees just about everywhere you looked…sugar-sand beaches and turquoise seas…warm, sunny year-round weather…an exotic lifestyle and culture…tasty world-class cuisine…friendly English-speaking locals…visitors from all over the world…a super-cheap cost-of-living…and some of the wildest nightlife on the entire planet.

For a globetrotting freelance copywriter like me, it was just about perfect.

“Setting up shop” in Koh Phangan could not have been easier. Internet access was widespread and reliable—even in 2007. So I didn’t miss a beat while working on copywriting projects. I could literally go online, check my emails, and continue working on various writing projects the day I arrived.

Finding an affordable place to live in Koh Phangan was easy, too. I stayed at a place called Coral Bungalows for the first few years I was here. Then, I moved to a small bungalow just next door. Rent comes out to just 7,000 baht ($233) per month. And I’m less than a minute’s walk from Sunset Beach and the Gulf of Thailand.

Food is cheap, too. Especially if you shop locally.

For example, just the other day, I bought about 10 large bananas for 15 baht (50c). Turns out I bought them too soon. When I got home, I realized one of my neighbors left some free bananas on my doorstep. Oh well.

In town, I can buy a plate lunch of steamed white rice, seasoned grilled pork, clear broth soup, and ice water for 40 baht ($1.10). Getting around is also cheap. It costs about 150 baht ($5) to fill up the gas tank on my motorbike. And that’ll last me almost a week. Like I said. Cheap.

But here’s what I feel is the best part. Over the years, I’ve met a bunch of fascinating people from all over the world here in Thailand. And I continue to meet great new people almost every day. People from Thailand, Burma, England, Sweden, Israel, Italy, Australia, France, and dozens more countries. It’s a huge melting pot here. And it never ceases to amaze me.

I absolutely love it.

As I grow older here, I realize just how fortunate I am—and how grateful—that freelance copywriting can provide me with such a flexible, comfortable, exotic and fulfilling lifestyle. I couldn’t think of living any other way.

Brad—I owe you one, buddy.

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