Happier, Healthier and Richer in Ecuador

The 2011 Live and Invest in Ecuador Seminar is barely finished, and attendees are already scattering around the country like seeds on the wind.

I’ve rarely seen such an explosion of interest and exploration in a country after one of our international events. The promise and potential of Ecuador has fired the imaginations of a huge percentage of our attendees here. Now that we’ve shared the last presentations and final farewell cocktails, they’re putting boots on the ground and taking action like no other group we’ve hosted in Ecuador.

I’m not surprised, given the information they received here at the seminar, including from the expats they met who are already living happier, healthier lives in Ecuador at a fraction of the cost they’d have paid back home.

How can you resist dreaming of your own escape to independence when you hear John and Sue tell of living on the fresh bounty grown on their land on the banks of a pristine glacial river in Vilcabamba…with a monthly overhead of only $500 per month?

You’d just about have to explore your own options after hearing from Ron and Terresa Moore, who fled the U.S. hoping to just get by on the remnants of a nest egg fractured by the economic downturn. Once they got here, they discovered that in Ecuador they could actually afford TWO brand new condos…in the mountains and one directly on the beach. (They bought both places for less than $114,000—and their combined cost of living in the mountains and on the beach is less than $1,000 per month.)

We have attendees going to Cuenca to see for themselves the graceful highland city we named the #1 retirement destination in the world. They’re taking the new highway to Ecuador’s northern coast to see the vast stretches of affordable beachfront and farmland recently opened up by Ecuador’s booming infrastructure development, including the new bridge at the eco-city of Bahia de Caraquez.

They’re heading for Manta, Ecuador’s prosperous and bustling tuna port, and Salinas, Ecuador’s premier beach playground, to check out the incredible prices…like a nearly 800-square-foot near-beach condo for under $50,000.

In fact, there is hardly a corner of this amazing little country that doesn’t offer the potential for a happier, healthier, more affordable lifestyle…and our attendees are taking full advantage of the chance to regain control of their lives and finances while they’re here in Ecuador.

It’s an inspiration to see. As master of ceremonies at this event, I’ve literally watched eyes light up as people make the connection between the information we’ve presented and their own lives and situations. And now that the seminar is over, I’ve watched them take the reins and start to steer their lives in new and exciting directions.

It is not an exaggeration to say that lives have changed at this conference…and changed for the better.

Editor’s note: These stories could be your story. We got the entire Live and Invest in Ecuador Seminar on tape. Every word, presentation, strategy, workshop, slideshow, photo, and revelation. You can access everything as if you were in the room with Dan and the entire Ecuador team. It’s all here.


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