Head-to-Head with Mexico’s ‘Crazy Potato’

The afternoon sun beat down on the concrete building radiating heat around the pool, making it mandatory to take a dip in the cool refreshing water and to enjoy the extraordinary view across Mexico’s Zihuatenejo Bay. It provided me with a great opportunity to take some photos from the pool to sell on one of the Micro-Stock agencies I post to.

The photo above should sell pretty well.

Others were there as well, all trying to mitigate the heat of the day. Conversations broke out and we hit it off with Paige and Jay from Portland and Julie and Ed from the San Francisco area. We agreed to get together for dinner that night.

We had been hearing about an interesting local restaurant called La Papa Loco (Crazy Potato). It specialized in baked potatoes, but not just any baked potatoes. Rumor had it that this place served the biggest baked potatoes to be found just about anywhere.

It turned out to be a modest establishment—the kind of place you wouldn’t give a second look. But from what we had been hearing, this place was regarded as the number one restaurant in town. So, we seated ourselves on the modest plastic chairs at one of the white plastic tables that had been set up right in the street, and readied ourselves for dinner.

Looking around, I noticed a large Mexican cook behind an open grille—topped with the largest baked potatoes I had ever seen. They were close to the size of a football!

It wasn’t long before the server began to stock our table high with food: salsa…chips…sauces…drinks…it just kept coming. And it turned out that the large potatoes I spotted on the grill were just the starter level potato. Once you place your order, it gets loaded up with all the stuff you’ve requested.

With our additions, these gargantuan potatoes grew by another 25%. Kind of like my belt size by the time we had eaten our way through it all.

We enjoyed a great local experience and by the end of the meal we all felt as stuffed as the potatoes we had been served. Dinner for six plus drinks came to 400 pesos (about $40). It was a large thumbs up from our little group of intrepid travelers. Looks can be deceiving…it really was the best restaurant in town.

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