Health, Adventure, and a New Lease of Life in Cancún, Mexico

“Cancún is so beautiful.” says Nancy Leifer. “The colors, the dozens of shades of blues and greens in the Caribbean Sea are literally breathtaking. I’ve never seen such colors in nature anywhere else. It’s such a difference from Long Island.”

Nancy loved Cancún from her first vacation here back in 1993, and made the permanent move in 1998. Situated along the famed Rivera Maya on Mexico‘s Caribbean coast, Cancún is graced with stunning, sugar-sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, ample sunshine, and balmy sea breezes. The city itself boasts world-class food and entertainment, as well as modern infrastructure.

“Cancún has over 700 restaurants and even after 18 years, I haven’t been to all of them, but I’m working on it,” says Nancy. “I have a wonderful kitchen in my home, but sometimes I want to let someone else do the cooking.”

And, with 80 miles of stunning, pristine beaches beginning in Cancún and running South to Tulum, the Riviera Maya offers unsurpassable recreational opportunities.

You can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive in the warm, crystal-clear waters of the offshore reef. Boating of all kinds is plentiful. And the area is rich with archeological Maya ruins and cenotes (underground caves filled with fresh crystal-clear water) which you can enjoy day after day.

“Many of the area’s ruins, even the ones right here in Cancún, are spectacular,” says Nancy. “I’ve been to most of them but still return.

“I have a wonderful group of dear friends here. Many local Mexican families as well as expats. We enjoy visiting with each other, sharing, and volunteering for community projects together. It’s important to have a support system wherever you are and I have one here. It definitely feels like family. There’s no getting bored here.”

Although she worked as a nurse in the States, once in Cancún, Nancy connected with her inner-investor and bought a couple of beach properties to generate some rental income. After all, millions of tourists visit Cancún each year.

“I own two rental units now, beachfront apartments, and I manage a third,” says Nancy. “Plus, I have my own home as well. I don’t owe anything on my properties and only pay small utility bills and a ridiculously low property tax. I pay around $700 dollars in property taxes each year for all three properties.”

Nancy says that she could never see herself moving back to the States.

“I had been having some health issues in New York and those issues disappeared here in Cancún. I knew we could all live a much healthier life here than in New York,” Nancy continued. “The lack of pollution made me feel 95% better than I did in New York.

“I never have to worry about being bored here. I divide my time between managing the properties, socializing, volunteering for local charities (one of which she founded to help children) and, of course, making my way to the beach or the pool whenever I want.”

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