Healthy and Happy Living on Mexico’s Pacific Coast

“The air is clean, there is great healthcare, clean food, great hiking trails, and the living is easy,” says Anna Laurita of her home on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Anna and her husband, David Hite, visited Puerto Vallarta, on the sandy shores of the Bay of Banderas, more than 20 years ago.

“When we first visited, we stayed right next door to where we live now, in historic downtown Puerto Vallarta, on the street above the church of Guadalupe,” says Anna. “We literally fell in love there. We loved the street and this part of town, which is up in the hills and overlooks the town and the bay. We both knew it in our bones that ‘yes, this is the place.'”

Here, they built their ocean-view home with Anna’s yoga studio, Davannayoga, below. She started practicing in 1991 and was certified to teach in 2006. Puerto Vallarta, with its active expat population and tourists interested in healthier lifestyles, was a natural fit, says Anna.

“I still study yoga in the fall in India or the U.S. to keep current. I mostly teach teachers,” says Anna, who also has a full staff of yoga teachers in the studio for regular classes.

“Many of my students who have come to study with me have stayed and teach here or have opened their own studios or teaching spaces here or in beach towns around here. Puerto Vallarta is addictive,” says Anna.

Business is good, but for Anna and David the lifestyle they enjoy in Mexico is even more important.

“Having a day job…seems I can’t even remember what that was like,” says Anna. “I make my own hours, as does my husband. There are the usual difficulties, such as internet issues every now and then, or loud music from one of our local neighbors. But, all in all, we can work easily, and the rest of life is so easy.”

“We live downtown so we can walk around for what we need to purchase if we need something quickly. We have all of the creature comforts such as a Costco and Sam’s Club and major markets, theaters, etc…”

The family enjoys the natural splendor that surrounds them in Puerto Vallarta too. With warm weather year-round you can be outdoors a lot, although Anna notes that it tends to be hotter than she likes from July to October.

“I think I won’t make it to November each year but I do, and I am welcomed by a sweet coolness in the morning and evenings,” she says.

Thanks to a relaxed pace of life, the family is able to spend plenty of time together. There are hikes and long walks. Trips to the beach. They also enjoy boating and cruises up and down the coast. Stand-up paddle boarding in the bay is another favorite. And when a movie ticket, with reclining seat and personal meal and drink service at your seat, is available for just $6 per person, that’s another favorite activity.

The family also likes to dine out. As vegetarians, it’s often easier to eat at home. “But there are many vegetarian and vegan places popping up,” says Anna. “We are thrilled. It’s wonderful that they’re popping up in our neighborhood.”

Of course, sometimes they prefer to just take it easy.

“We love to just lay on the rooftop and relax in the sun—we have sun shades to protect us—and we swim in our pool,” says Anna.

“Sundays are strictly family days. We always go to a long and languorous breakfast at about 11 a.m. which lasts till about 1. Then we decide where the day will take us from there. Often we hike as a family to a waterfall. Evenings we play cards or listen to music on the rooftop. We always watch the sunset either from our rooftop or from the beach. And we’re in bed early.”

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