Help Yourself to Your Dream Retirement Overseas

I grew up in the self-help culture.

I remember when the “self-help” trend really took off, and bookstores (remember those?) featured entire “Self-Help” sections. Suddenly you could find your true mission in life, become more confident, promote your business, be a better parent, improve your eyesight, get a better job, attract beautiful partners, overcome stage fright, be a more effective presenter, clarify your goals, diagnose and cure your own illnesses by growing your own healing herbs…you name it, you could help yourself do it with the right book.

Self-help books weren’t just a fad. There are more of them around today than ever before, teaching people how to help themselves in more ways than ever before.

My wife, Suzan, and I even wrote what you might call a self-help book some years ago. In it, we helped people figure out how to retire overseas on a budget.

And here’s where I make my confession. I never sat down and read that book myself.

There are two reasons for that.

First, I wrote it, so I already knew what was in it.

Second, I don’t spend much time with actual, hold-in-your-hand books any more. My eyesight is going, so books aren’t as comfortable to read as they used to be. They weigh a lot and they take up space in the increasingly tiny amount of baggage I’m allowed to travel with now, and I travel a lot.

So even great books—like the one Suzan and I wrote—don’t get the attention they deserve from me.

You know what does get my attention? Self-help and how-to videos.

Those I can watch on whatever communication device I happen to have with me at any particular time…laptop, tablet, phone. (Yes, I have one of each. I’m preparing for the next round of luggage restrictions that will allow me only one, and probably the smallest one, on board.)

I’m not ready to admit that I now suffer from the common digital-age ailment of a severely shortened attention span. However, I am ready to admit that, because of my age, physical requirements, and lifestyle, it’s a lot easier and more entertaining to watch a series of self-help videos than to read an entire self-help book.

So is there a series of self-help videos about retiring overseas on a budget?

Funny you should ask.

It’s called The Dream Retirement Project. Suzan and I helped develop it. We cover the major issues involved in choosing the right retirement destination, making the right preparations to get there, and doing the right things once you’re there to live successfully and affordably.

Only this primer on retiring overseas on a budget isn’t a book you have to read. It’s me and Suzan looking you in the eye and showing you exactly how to do it, directly on your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

And just let me say that it doesn’t really matter why you’re exploring the option of moving abroad—saving money, getting better healthcare, having the adventure of a lifetime, escaping to a more relaxed and laidback lifestyle—the Dream Retirement Project is motivation-neutral. It works no matter why you want to move abroad.

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