He’s “Writing” His Way to Guatemala

As I write this, I’m preparing to leave on a flight bound for Guatemala.

My wife and I plan on staying a few days in the city of Antigua—one of the world’s best-preserved colonial cities—and then heading over to El Salvador.

Most of my family live in that part of the world. It’s been ages since I’ve seen any of them. And now, finally, I’m going on a two-week excursion to visit, check out the sites, and have a blast.

When we told our friends and family what we were doing, they could hardly believe it. After all, two weeks is a pretty long time to be “out of the office.” In all my adult working life, I’ve never taken a vacation longer than a week. But now I can…all thanks to being a freelance copywriter.

Because of copywriting, my wife will be able to meet my extended family.

She’ll be able to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean from El Salvador’s coastline, which is covered in a lush, tropical landscape, with cliffs and large rock formations…

She’ll get to see the dark-sand beaches that glisten in the sunlight (the sand is practically jet black, due to past volcanic activity)…

She’ll get to try pupusas and tamales—two of the most “typical” foods you can get there…

And, as I mentioned earlier, we’ll get to stay a few days in Antigua, nestled in the central highlands of Guatemala. I’m excited to say the least, and can’t wait to get there.

The best part in all this?

I can take this time off, guilt free. That’s because as a freelance copywriter I can create my own schedule and take on work as needed.

I could choose to work while we travel, anywhere I find Internet access, but this time around, it’ll be just to vacation and enjoy.

I’m incredibly grateful to have pursued copywriting. It truly is a career path that gives you freedom and flexibility.

But even better, it’s a great career if you love to learn—both intellectually and emotionally.

On the intellectual side, you get to learn about all kinds of products, services, industries, technologies, and more.

On the emotional side, you learn quite a deal about yourself, what areas you need to grow in, and even get a chance to “reinvent” yourself, if you want. That’s because as a freelance copywriter, you are 100% in charge of your business. As a result, it can only grow to the extent you do.

I’m looking forward to the many other adventures I’ll embark on as my copywriting career progresses. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll have to “write” my way to Europe!

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