High School Dropout Scores $10,000 Paycheck: You Can Too

When I chose to drop out of school at 14, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life other than to fulfill my lifelong dream to travel the world.

Back then, I didn’t know how I would do so, I just knew I would make it happen.

I grew up next door to an Italian family, the Picos, who had migrated to Australia with their sons, Giovanni and Pietro. When I was 9, they decided to move back home to Italy. Pietro and I kept in touch and he always asked, “When are you coming to stay with us?”

Two years after I dropped out of school, I stated working in the banking profession…and 20 years later, I turned my back on the rat race of corporate life.

That’s because I discovered freelance copywriting as a career in 2001.

I was 36 years old. I knew this was how I would finally live my dream to visit my friends in Italy and also travel the world. Freelance copywriting was my ticket to traveling around the world. No longer was it a dream, it was about to become my reality.

A few months later I landed my first paid writing client. I charged $10,000 to write a 12-page letter, so he could get people to attend his seminars. That same client also hired me two more times to create the sales copy to sell his home study courses.

I was sold!

If you’re reading this, thinking you could never do it, you would be wrong!

Yes, I was lucky to land a $10,000 client straight up. Not everyone does, however copywriting does provide you with all of the skills, which could easily earn you a six-figure income, year after year, from anywhere in the world you choose to be.

Just recently, I was asked to create two short video scripts and some email copy for a skin care product which included a fee plus a royalty income capped at $10,000 a month until perpetuity.

If a high school drop out with zero degrees can do it, so can you, regardless of your current situation!

Freelance writing provides an income without borders and allows me to live an international lifestyle, while I simultaneously earn my living. I can be anywhere I want in the world as long as I have an internet connection. Plus I get to fuel my passions for travel, photography, writing, cultures and cuisine.

In 2006, I left Australia behind and have never looked back.

Since then I have lived in 10 countries (many several times), including Costa Rica, Italy and small island in the Mediterranean called Malta.

I travel extensively, getting to explore other countries as well as meeting up with friends from around the world.

In the last year alone I’ve been to Malta, Costa Rica, Sweden, Poland, and Canada…as well as visiting Tuscany, Prague, London, Nicaragua and the U.S. All thanks to being a freelance copywriter.

I even got to reconnect my Italian friend, Pietro Pico, and his family…sharing many laughs and stories over great Italian meals and a bottle of wine.

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