Homes Just Steps From the Sand in This Caribbean Beach Town

Reading guide books and looking at photos don’t do the beauty of Puerto Morelos justice. This is a charming, friendly, and beautifully scenic beach town lying midway between Cancún and Playa del Carmen on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Arriving in Puerto Morelos, you meet a small, paved town square just steps from the beach…with colorful flowers blooming and small leafy trees to give you some shade from the comfortable heat. On one side of the square are small, colorful market stalls. On the other is the blue Caribbean.

The quiet, stress-free relaxation I found in Puerto Morelos seemed a world away from the hustle and bustle I’d seen in Cancún’s busy hotel zone.

I’d visited this region just 12 months earlier. But on my most recent trip in December I wanted to see more of the coast, and particularly the small town of Puerto Morelos. I was excited to see what real estate was on offer…especially with the growing popularity of this location. And what I saw was good-value homes close to the beach.

As you walk through the opening from the town square toward the beach, your eye is immediately drawn to a leaning lighthouse landmark just a few feet from the Caribbean shoreline on the left. Although a new lighthouse has been built here, the leaning lighthouse remains a landmark of the town after its foundations were damaged during a hurricane in the 1960s.

The white sands fill your view from left and right, too, as you look out to the Caribbean. It’s a truly beautiful location. The sun warms your shoulders as the light breeze makes it comfortable for a walk down the small, offshore boardwalk before your toes touch the sands. Or you can relax in a beach chair under the tall palm trees just a couple of feet from the ocean.

You don’t go far in Puerto Morelos without a friendly ‘buenos dias‘ as you pass the locals going about their business as their fishing boats sway up and down in the small onshore waves, while tourists board small boats setting out for a snorkeling excursion on the offshore reef.

Strolling down the small boardwalk, you can stop for a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants…fish is a permanent item on most menus here. You can catch your own fish or just sit on the boardwalk and stare out into the ocean as small boats come to and fro.

You’ll also find real estate options here. Arriving in Puerto Morelos, you pass homes on the market in all shapes and sizes, some whitewashed and some in bright colors. Just a block or two back from the beach, you can find homes on the market. For $210,000 you can pick up a 1,300-square-feet, two bedroom, ocean-view condo within walking distance to the white sands and blue Caribbean waters.

For a little more, you could have your own private condo/villa with a courtyard and garden. Close to the beach, stores, and restaurants, I came across a two-bedroom, 1,600-square-foot home with a private entrance. It was on the market for $299,000. You can also find smaller 700-square-foot homes back from the beach, some just one mile away, for less than $60,000, while lots to build your own home on can be bought from as little as $38,000.

Whatever size home you’re looking for, big or small, Puerto Morelos has something for you. Despite its increased popularity, it still maintains a friendly, fishing-village vibe, with stunning beaches while remaining close to all nearby amenities.

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