How (and Where) to Make Money in International Real Estate

At the last coffee break of the last day of the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum, I overheard a man talking to Ronan McMahon in the hallway.

“I’m kicking myself for not getting in on that deal you told us about three years ago,” he confided. “At the time, I thought ‘Is he crazy?…’”

Ronan gave a sympathetic nod. If the guy had followed Ronan’s advice back in 2008, you see, he could have made more than $38,000 on an investment of $2,234. That’s what Ronan made, as could have many others who followed his advice.

But don’t worry…there are more deals and discounts in the pipeline this year.

Now…much of the conference was devoted to the “hows” of international real estate investing. How to evaluate a deal, how to do your due diligence, how to make money from rentals, how to legally structure your investments, and on and on.

There were a lot of “wheres,” too… where to get ahead of the path of progress, where to buy vacation properties, where to buy farms, vineyards, and forests…most of it was pretty specific, of course. Not just countries or towns, but neighborhoods and even, in some cases, specific buildings.

And of course, there were the investment deals themselves. Walking through the Exhibit Hall was like jostling for position on a New York trading floor. The deals were flying…

Here are just a few that were offered:

  • In Costa Rica’s newest hotspot, lush green lake- and jungle-view lots start at just $19,000 and can be financed over three years, interest-free. Lock in one (or more) with $1,900 down and just $475 per month over three years.
  • Near Tulum, on Mexico’s popular Riviera Maya, condos in a major resort—with a 27-hole golf course…three hotels…choice of restaurants and bars…entertainment, shopping, a medical clinic…and a coral-sand beach washed by the sun-dappled Caribbean—can be had for $163,000, and with as little as $15,000 down and monthly payments of just $800. You also get an appliance package…free (worth approx. $4,500)…and a 10-year spa membership free (worth $15,000).
  • In Ecuador, you can have a brand-new, quality beachfront home for $125,000. The virgin beach is wide and stretches for miles, uninterrupted. Lots average a fourth-of-an-acre in size, and right now, you can pick one up for just $53,870. And top-quality construction costs are so low…averaging $55 per square foot…that you’ll get 1,300-square-foot beach home for just $71,500.
  • In English-speaking Belize. For just $11,000 down and interest-free monthly payments of $687.50 for four years you can get a stake in one of the Caribbean’s most elite communities. Offshore, the glorious barrier reef offers some of the best snorkeling, diving, and fishing in the world. The new restaurant has opened and the first residents have moved into this elite community, but there’s still time to get in on ground-floor pricing.
  • In Uruguay, there’s a seaside beach and golf project where you can buy in now and get a half-acre lot for just $31,900! Those at the conference were offered a 10% discount…and you can, too—I’ll tell you how in just a moment.
  • No money down for quickly-appreciating beachfront in Brazil. Just 30 minutes from popular Fortaleza—which plays host to more domestic tourists than anywhere in Brazil—you can own a beach lot next door to a recently opened five-star resort that charges $495/night for a room. For no money down and interest-free monthly payments of about $2,000 for just two years, you can buy a lot here.
  • Also in Brazil, in Fortaleza itself, the Iracema neighborhood is undergoing transformation. A newly completed boardwalk will be home to South America’s largest aquarium. Chic restaurants and art galleries are opening…yet condo prices remain exceptionally low—40% lower than those along Fortaleza’s “old boardwalk.” But you can buy a beachfront condo (ready for occupancy now) for about $120,000 (depending on the exchange rate on the day you sign the contract). After your down payment you’ll make 80 monthly payments…and you can start renting the units out immediately, to generate instant income.

Don’t worry, you can still get in on these deals – not available anywhere else

These potentially money-making deals and opportunities are only available to those who attended the 2011 International Real Estate Investment Forum here in Toronto. But we want you to get in on them, too…

And don’t worry if money is tight for you right now. The deals are so great you may be able to get in on at least one of these ground-floor opportunities. That’s what this forum is all about…finding the best deals at the best low-entry and ongoing terms.

We’ve arranged to send you a complete set of recordings from the International Real Estate Investment Forum. Click here to find out how to order them and we’ll rush them to you as soon as they’re ready.

We guarantee this conference recordings package will help you kick start your investment portfolio—no matter how large or small it is. You’ll learn about income-producing strategies…actionable deals where…with very little money down…you can invest now and watch your money quickly double…triple…or more.

For full details of these and other actionable, income-producing strategies and deals we’ve been learning about here in Toronto, grab a copy of the recordings from this investment forum.

P.S. One investment deal that’s not on the list above is one of the most intriguing. It’s so confidential and so “hot off the presses” that the first anyone heard of it was when it was offered during an afternoon workshop on Day One of this conference. You’ll hear about how to sign up for the pre-launch list for this one when you listen in to the recordings. Get them here.


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