“How Can I REALLY Earn Online?”

In my work with thousands of Baby Boomers over the last few years I have learned that most see a few barriers standing between them and their goal of earning an online, take-abroad income.

My “New Year Income Challenge” will help you knock down these barriers in a fun, interactive way (details here) but the first step is taking a closer look at which barrier(s) might be holding you back. Let’s take a look at the most common issues with working online that I hear from retirees…and why they don’t need to be the barriers to earning a work-from-anywhere income they appear to be.

“I can’t find the time to really focus on learning how to earn online.”

Today we all have what seems like a pretty full plate. From the perspective of the ever-expanding to-do list, frankly it sometimes is hard to carve out time to learn something new.

But I would ask you to consider how valuable having this skill could be for you. If you were to start applying this skill now, it could be worth a tidy sum over the next productive 10 to 20 years many Baby Boomers will have.

Earn just a modest $1,500 from your online, part-time income every month (very achievable with my training program) and that would add up to $180,000 over the next decade. That could be a welcome addition to any other retirement income or savings you might have.

And more importantly, it might be the difference between being able to move or travel sooner than you might without that income.

“I can’t find the right information that tells me what I need to know to earn online.”

Many people who look to earn online take the old-fashioned approach of Googling a few things and trying it on their own. We call this the “Trial and Error Approach.”

Sounds good at the beginning, easy to get started, inexpensive…but quickly turns into a hairball of conflicting advice and confusing recommendations.

The alternative is taking a well-structured program based on the careful study and firsthand experience of people already working as successful freelancers.

“I don’t know if I’m prepared enough to work online.”

Many Baby Boomers are tentative about their first steps into freelancing because they don’t have the confidence that their preparation is good enough…and they don’t want to embarrass themselves.

One of the benefits of signing up for the “New Year Income Challenge” is that I’ll take a look at your profile before you “go live” and make any last-minute recommendations that will help keep you from making a big mistake and help get you get off to a fast start.

You begin your online career with the full confidence that your profile will do a great job of professionally representing you to your clients.

“What if, when I get started, I run into something I don’t understand?”

Because the world of online earning and freelancing is changing and growing pretty rapidly, this is a real and very common issue for some people who work online. Things that made good sense even a year ago are not so effective now and new approaches have replaced them. Unless you’re staying up-to-date with changes in the online marketplace, you could find yourself adrift.

That’s why your participation in the “New Year Income Challenge” will give you all the answers to your issues for a full year. When you join this challenge, you’ll be given a full 12 months of exceptional support through our private website…including articles, videos, checklists and reports… You’ll also be included in two weekly, live calls (an additional 80 hours of training, asking questions, getting answers, and hearing the latest on what’s working) and given access to our exceptional support team.

“I’m unsure about the value of beginning a training program.”

There is always the question, “Will this be the right training program for me?” And you really can’t tell until you experience it.

So I want you to take no risk…

Try our “system” for 60 days—pore over the videos, audio interviews with working freelancers, and step-by-step lessons—and if, after those 60 days, you can’t clearly see how this program will give you the exact information and support you want to launch your successful freelancing career, just send an email and we will promptly refund your purchase price.

So there you have it: five common barriers to working from anywhere…and five ready strategies to defeat them…

Will January of 2014 be the month you start your freelancing career, learn how to work online with skills you already have, and make your way to your favorite live-abroad destination with a greater sense of confidence? The choice is yours.

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