How Costa Rica Kept on Offering Me Opportunity

As Corey Coates finishes his morning stroll along Jaco beach he can’t help but feel grateful to have such balance and peace in his life.

Every day he wakes up with the sun, meditates, enjoys Costa Rica’s superb fruits and coffee for breakfast, then visits the ocean from his beachfront luxury condo.

“The satisfaction I feel each day doing what I love is immeasurable. Some days are harder than others, but at the end of the day I’ve done exactly what I want when I want.”

He works from his condo, where he has a recording room full of state-of-the-art equipment for his audio work. His living room has a panoramic view of the beach and directly below is an enormous beachfront pool. Corey takes advantage of his surroundings multiple times a day.

At lunchtime he often swims laps, takes a second stroll along the beach, or enjoys dining with friends at one of the many nearby restaurants. At 4 p.m. Corey closes his laptop, turns his phone to vibrate, and doesn’t think about work again for the remained of the day.

Instead, he spends his evenings enjoying the beach, friends, and maybe an artisan beer or two. Jaco is home to an active nightlife, and numerous outdoor activities.

At any one time Corey could be kayaking…paddle boarding…embarking on a day tour to Isla Tortuga…hiking the local Mirador Mountain…listening to local live music…fishing…taking a yoga class…visiting the local farmers market…or taking a siesta in his beachfront hammock.

Corey is from a small town outside of Toronto and realized after he turned 30 that—even though he was making great money—he felt stagnant.

“In Canada, everything was spelled out for me, it was easy to envision the next 40 years of my life, and it scared me,” says Corey. “In Costa Rica, the more work I put into what I was good at and trusted my passion the more opportunities presented themselves. I’m really excited to see where this goes.”

Corey learned to teach English as a second language (through a TESOL certification) in Canada…in addition to honing his podcasting and radio editing skills.

Then he landed in Heredia, Costa Rica with freshly printed resumes. By the end of his first day, he had multiple job offers.

He selected a thriving international language school and in less than a year he was the training director of numerous schools in Costa Rica and Venezuela. Every weekend he hosted an indie music podcast.

His weekend hobby brought him to the attention of Overseas Radio Network which asked him to put together a podcast for expats living in Costa Rica. There was, and still is, a large number of expats and people exploring the idea of becoming expats in Costa Rica. Corey has interviewed hundreds of expats on his show ranging from real estate professionals, journalists, CPAs, local companies, and those making a difference through volunteer work.

“One thing that has really surprised me is how I’ve made more quality, life-long, friends from around the world in the eight years that I’ve lived in Costa Rica than I have throughout my life,” says Corey. “I was worried about becoming lonely but that is the furthest thing from the truth.”

The podcast, This Week in Costa Rica, was a huge hit. Soon thereafter, they asked him if he was interested in becoming the program director.

Corey has been the director of Overseas Radio for a few years now, and recently founded Podfly (a podcast production company). He spends his days doing what he is passionate about—talking to people and using his audio skills, in a country he has come to love.

Corey had such a profound experience relocating to Costa Rica he is writing a book about the experience. The radical shake up in his life affected much more than his zip code. He challenged his way of life, his priorities, and what type of person he wanted to be.

His life was repurposed from corporate money-chasing to passionate life-living which turned out to be rewarding to his heart, soul, and finances!

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