How Deborah Now Makes All Her Money Online (You Could, Too)

Freelance is the fastest growing segment of the “new jobs economy” and you can earn good money…working from your favorite international location…with skills you already have.

You may have a hidden asset “account” that you’re not aware of…

And you won’t find it by scouring the web for misdirected tax refunds, uncollected lottery winnings, or abandoned bank accounts.

You’ll uncover it through careful reflection on the skills you’ve developed in your work and personal life over the last 50 years.

Yes…even that bad patch could finally pay off!

(Happily, you may have the last laugh on that terrible job, oppressive boss, or whacko company you struggled with…)

Maybe the ultimate irony today is that experience, tempered with wisdom and life-long learning, is in great demand in the fastest growing segment of the new job economy…the freelance economy.

Reflect on this…according to Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman of MIT Media Lab: “By the year 2020, the largest employer in the developed world will be ‘self.’ ”

And Baby Boomers are catching on.

In February last year, Deborah started in our freelancing success program. In March she began bidding for assignments…and won five jobs straight away. By April she had finished three and was working on the remaining two. At that stage she set herself the goal of becoming a full-time freelance Internet marketer by the end of the year.

Then I got an email in December to say she had reached her goal early. Fewer than 10 months after taking the course she was making a full-time income.

Not only that but she had been upgraded by a project network to their select group, facilitating Fortune 500 companies. Now she doesn’t have to look for work…the best assignments come to her.

“I am already in a position where it will be able to replace my current income,” she says. “I can now work full-time with a portable income. That was my goal. But I thought it would take me two years…with your course and support I did it in less than a year. This is my last winter in Canada!”

One of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces (with over 2.5 million members) says that a full 30% of their freelance members are Baby Boomers…so 700,000+ of your fellow Boomers are already moving in that direction.

Feel like you’ve missed the boat?

No you haven’t…this marketplace has been doubling in size recently and growth is expected to continue.

So how do you get in?

Sign up for our New Year Income Challenge and I’ll help you learn how to take full advantage of the freelance economy. Together we’ll figure out what your most marketable skills are for this new economy.

Then we’ll find out where the tens of thousands of assignments “show up” every day and make sure you know how to quickly and precisely identify the assignments that are perfect for you.

We’ll also look at how best to present your profile so that eager freelancing clients “get” what you have to offer.

But let me take all the risk here…

Participate in our New Year Income Challenge, let me review your online profile and give you recommendations on how to make it better…and if you are not convinced that your freelancing will not only pay for itself but also provide a part-time to full-time income you can do from just about anywhere in the world…I’ll happily refund your purchase price.

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