How I Earn $10,000 a Month on My Travels

Are you passionate about traveling and sharing your experience with others?

Perhaps you already have a smartphone or camera…and you frequently share images and perhaps even a short video with people on Facebook and email.

Well, what if you could make money doing it?

You can earn anywhere between $200 and $4,000 by recording short video clips and selling them to tourism businesses.

Demand for video—especially in the tourism industry—is huge.

Personally I have been earning up to $10,000 per month with my video contracts and I now make an additional $1,000 from video stock footage per month…which is not bad for passive income.

You can now even shoot and edit a video in 20 minutes using a smartphone or tablet and if you follow a few simple tricks your videos can look really professional and tourism companies will pay you for it.

Look at Nadja Lamp from Germany, who started shooting video only two years ago and funded her travels to Australia by taking videos for tour companies. She earned up to $3,000 a month from shooting simple travel videos.

“I love being this free,” she says. “I always wanted to see Australia. The video production made it possible for me and I just love Australia.”

Sophie Parmantier from France discovered that she can travel though Europe with a comfortable income by creating travel videos. She now makes $2,000 a month as a beginner. She got into this when she discovered that her basic camera also takes HD video.

Rolando Munari from Italy attended a video workshop of mine in Santa Fe a while ago and now he funds his vacations with his video work.

Michael Hudson from New York has been picking up video jobs in his home city…and is about to fund his travels to Germany by creating these short videos.

The potential in this latest portable income is huge.

So whether you would just like to fund your travels with this new and exciting hobby or whether you’d like to make a living from it all depends on how busy you want to be.

But if you are passionate about traveling and looking for a way to fund it, then being a travel videographer could be your calling.

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